Evoke 2009 - the party moves!

We move... and so should you! Your favourite party with the unique atmosphere, the international flavor and the prize galore is taking place at an all-new location. From July 31st to August 2nd 2009 there is only one place to be: Abenteuerhallen Kalk, Cologne. Easily reached by any means of transportation. Prepare your entries and party with us.

ascii entry forgotten

aug 29 We had an excellent ansi/ascii compo at Evoke, the best one we had since the 1990s. Thanks again to all participants! Yet it's a shame that we forgot to include this remote entry by DiamonDie, which she had sent to us, but in a mysterious way did not find its way into the compo. We apologize.

Housewarming over

aug 06 Evoke 2009 is over. We hope that you had as much fun as we had. To us it was one of the bestest Evoke edition in its 12 year history.
Meanwhile we have we set up an "after party" page with results, releases, articles, photos and more. Drop us a note in case something is missing.

T-Shirt reprint

aug 02 As we ran out of shirts very early this year we are thinking about reprinting them (in case a certain amount of people are interested). Just drop us a short note using the contact form (write down quantity, sizes and your adress). Prices will depend on total number of shirts.

Larrabee Seminar Aftermath

aug 02 Jerome compiled a list of links that let you dig deeper into the available information about Larrabee:

For any Computation producing Visual results, start at:

The original paper about Larrabee

Intel revealed some more at GDC’09
http://software.intel.com/file/15542 Michael Abrash goes into gory details…
http://software.intel.com/file/15545 Tom Forsyth applies a second layer of gory details…

A C++ header to let you write Larrabee vector code without Larrabee hardware:

More gory details by Michael Abrash about how to rasterize with Larrabee

A case study outside the field of rendering

The party live on demoscene.tv

aug 01 For those of you wo can not make it to Evoke: the guys from demoscene.tv are streaming live from the party! Thanks a lot and congrats to 5 years of demoparty broadcasting!


jul 31 While we are busy setting up the location (check http://twitter.com/evoke_eu for updates and photos) you might be on your way to Cologne already. In case you should get lost on your way you can call our hotline at +49 163-39 EVK 2009 for assistance!

Younger than 18?

jul 25 If you are younger than 18 and consider to visit Evoke, then please note that we highly appreciate that, but because of legal issues, we can not let you into the party place without a declaration of consent filled out by your parents. Please get in touch with us and we'll provide you with the necessary info.

lifts to evoke

jul 19 Seeking or a lift to Evoke? Still have space in your car ? Gather people from your city to get discounts for going by train? This is the place where we will try to help you.

cTrix live at Evoke

jul 11 This year, we are having a very special musical guest: Debug a.k.a. cTrix will come all the way from Australia to play a liveset on two Amigas! Expect a stomping MOD-powered tech-house-rave set that will make you sweat. Also, there will be some DJs around to make your stay even more enjoyable.

Combine the Fun!

jul 07 Like every year, Buenzli and Evoke offer you twice the fun for not quite twice the price. If you plan to go to Evoke and Buenzli, you should think about buying the infamous "Combined Ticket". For only 55 Euros (instead of 65 Euros) you will be able to enjoy the compos of Evoke and Buenzli back to back.

So, if you are man enough to try this, mention that you would like to buy a combined ticket at the Evoke Infodesk and have your cash ready. Two weeks later, at the Buenzli Infodesk, show your Evoke bracelet and the ticket. And that's it!

If you were not yet planning to go to Evoke AND Buenzli, isn't this reason enough to think it over?!

Long Distance Discount

jul 03 We will provide a lowered entrance fee to people that have to travel long distances to come to Evoke. To make up for the higher travelling costs, and since we love the international atmosphere, people living 700km or farther away from Cologne will benefit form a lowered entrance fee of 20 Euros.

So, if you live "far away" and would like to take us up on this offer, please contact us via our web form. See you at Evoke!

Entrance fee will be 35 €

jul 01 This years Evoke will cost you nothing more than 35 Euros for the whole weekend. You will get compos, a table, a seat, barbecue and friendly people from all over the world included with that for no additional charge. We do not sell any compo-lurker or one-day-tickets. We will provide a long-distance discount if you are one of the "friendly people from all over the worlds", though. Stay tuned for news on that!

Barbecue Area

jun 29 For all your nutritional needs we will be providing you with two enterprise-ready, always-on, five-nines-uptime barbecues in our new outdoor area. The barbecues will hopefully be always on and have some coal, lighter and some barbecue-silverware right next to them so you can slam a steak on them whenever you like. If weather allows we will most likely have some PA outside as well and everything will turn into a nice outdoor party. So, bring your meat (or vegetables, if you swing that way (not that there is anything wrong with that))!

Website launch

jun 15 Six weeks before the party we finally launch the Evoke 2009 website. Expect to find information about the new location, compos and so on.
Some stuff is still missing (entrance fee e.g.) and will be added in the next days.

stay informed



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