Hello and Welcome to Evoke 2007!

Another year, another Evoke. Yet, this is not just "another" Evoke - it's 10 years since the first Evoke party took off in 1997. This makes Evoke one of the oldest European demoparties still alive and kicking, and we for sure would like to celebrate this occasion with YOU! All the sweet memories from the past editions, you can revive them this year in Cologne - from 10th to 12th of August. Once again you can expect a lovely atmosphere created by our deco-team, professional catering, tasty kölsch beer for fair prices, lots of entertainment, and of course an interesting range of good compos, which YOU can make even better. Sceners from almost every platform will be able to participate and present their work to an enthusiastic crowd, and not only the proper prizes will make it worth participating.

Just like last year we will party in a great location: The Vulkanhalle is a stylish former industry building, situated pretty close to the central city of Cologne. It provides us with enough space (for parking as well), and we are sure that you'll like it.

We will take care to make it a cozy stay!

evoke tracks - the aftermath

Aug 25 – Here's a late "thank you" for every one who supported and attended "Evoke Tracks", the electronic music event hosted by the Sensor club in cooperation with our demoparty. It was a big success, and we are already thinking how to pull off something similar next year. There are unfortunately no recordings of the live- and dj-sets, but if you liked what you heard, or want to hear what you missed out...

Evoke at GIGA

Aug 15 – Evoke 10 will be featured live on GIGA Games tonight! Watch the show from 22:00 to 24:00. During their Maxx-Section they will take a closer look at Evoke 10, the Intel Demo Competition and the demoscene in general. For those of you who are not able to receive GIGA they have a live stream!

After the shower of confetti

Aug 15 – What a great party! It was really a wonderful experience to celebrate our 10th anniversary with you.
As in the last years we set up an "after party" page with results, releases, articles, photos and more on Evoke 10.
See you at Buenzli, tUM, Breakpoint or Evoke 2008.

Results & Releases

Aug 14 – We are finally back from cleaning up the location ;) Meanwhile the results & first releases have appeared on scene.org.


Aug 09 – Like the last years we have a hotline for you, helping you with finding the Evoke location in case you lost your way. Just call +49-163-39 EVK 2007