We have all the necessary ingredients for another relaxed demo party – ready to serve:

You could make a demo
You could make a tune
You should come around and have a beer


Evoke 2010 on EINSWEITER

06/09/2010 Attention for the tv junkies among you: Evoke 2010 will be featured on EINSWEITER (a magazin on Einsfestival) tomorrow (7th of september) at 20:01.   more...

Evoke 2010 is over

31/08/2010 What a gorgeous party it was! Thanks a lot to everyone who made it possible: the other organizers, our sponsors, the live acts, those who contributed and all the visitors! more...

Lifts to Evoke

23/08/2010 Still have a empty seat in your car? No idea how to get to Evoke? Take a look at our lifts page and submit an offer or a request. more...

Streams for eyes and ears

22/08/2010 This year we will not only again welcome our friends from demoscene.tv who will provide all you guys that can't make it to Cologne this year with a videostream of (almost) all things important at Evoke, but alongside them we welcome the guys from SceneSat Radio to set up an audio-stream that will... more...

Younger than 18?

21/08/2010 If you are younger than 18 and consider to visit Evoke, then please note that we highly appreciate that, but because of legal issues, we can not let you into the party place without a declaration of consent filled out by your parents. more...

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