Evoke 2008 – the party continues!

Your favourite party with the unique atmosphere, the international flavor and the prize galore is taking place, as usual, in the city of Cologne.

From 8th to 10th of August there is only one place to be: Vulkanhalle, Cologne, easily reached by any means of transportation.

Prepare your entries and party with us.

Evoke 2008 at 3sat neues

aug 19 – The German computer show "3sat neues" featured Evoke 2008 on Sunday. For those who missed it it is available as a video.

After the party: Reports, Photos and Releases

aug 13 – Thanks to all the visitors for making it such a nice event!
As in the previous years we set up a page with links to all reports, photos and releases we came across. It would be nice if you could drop us a note if something is missing.
See you Buenzli, 0a000h, tUM, Breakpoint or Evoke 2009!

Results & Releases

aug 12 – After cleaning up the location: you can take a look at the results and the first releases. Expect more within the next days.

Timetable and some specials

aug 04 – Just some days before the party we put up a preliminary timetable. Not only listing the "usual suspects" (compos and deadlines, that is) but also some specials: * Jerome Muffat-Meridol from Intel will hold two seminars on multi-threaded und multi-core development * After the demo compo there will be a live-act by Roquette Science & Looza * Friday evening we will show a selection of the finest...

Evoke goes 16:9 and HD ready!

aug 03 – Evoke will feature a 16:9 bigscreen with HD ready resolution this year!
If you want your demo to be shown in full size you have to make sure it runs in 1280x720 resolution. Best way to achieve this is to include a resolution and aspect selector in your demo/intro. You can also deliver different executables of your 4k/64k intro if you have filesize troubles.

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