Welcome to Evoke 2011

Mid august,
summer evening.
Passing through the hall,
greeting familiar faces,
on the way to the barbecue outside,
Evoke - tried, tested and approved.
Nice to be back.


Evoke 2011 Roundup: Releases, Photos & Reports


We finally gathered a small roundup of Evoke 2011: Links to Results, Photos and Reports we came across. A small note would be great in case we forgot something. more...


Evoke goes on: at Platine Cologne


Want to see more from Evoke? Your chance is at Platine Cologne 2011 festival, 15th to 19th of August. Each day from 19 to 23 o´clock we will show a nice demo selection featuring the best releases from Evoke. The festival is all over Cologne Ehrenfeld. more...

Evoke 2011 is over


Thanks a lot to everyone (the other organizers, our partners, live acts, visitors and those who contribute in the compos) for making this one of the best Evoke editions in history: 2011 will be a great year to remember! more...

More music acts at Evoke!


Only one day left - and we can announce some more DJs from Cologne that will make your stay more enjoyable. On Friday, DNKR and Dipswitch from Basspräsidium Records will spin some dubby bass vibes, and during Saturday, Brian de la Cruz and Jens3n will play some minimal and house... more...

cellu l'art


We are partnering with the Jena/Germany based filmfestival cellu l'art. The cellu l'art Short Film Festival is heading towards its 12th edition this year. From April 12th to 17th they are going to present short films in the international competition. This year they will also accept demos. more...

tried, tested and approved.