evoke 2002

Here we go again!

After a one year absence from the scene, your beloved Evoke is finally coming back this year. We had quite some trouble finding a suitable location, but finally decided to move to Cologne. The main entrance hall of the "Fachhochschule K�ln" (university of applied sciences cologne) in Deutz will be the location for Evoke 2002. There, from the 30th of august to the 1st of september your most favourite demoparty will take place again.
According to a well known demoscene saying "Watching a demo, having a beer", we will once again try to bring you a demoparty worthy of its name. All of you who have been to Evoke will know what we mean, for all the others this is your chance to experience first hand what everybody is always talking about. A unique atmosphere, friendly fellow sceners from all of europe, essentially all the things you would associate with the name Evoke.
So, get yourself in gear for the one party of the year you definitely can't afford to miss and see you all in august.

faxe for the Evoke Organizing Team


black maiden released an invitation demo for evoke 2002 at underground conference 6.22 called "stueckelwerk", which won the demo compo. more information...


if you would like to help us out by putting an evoke banner on your site, you should consider taking a look at the evoke banner program. there are even some nice prices.


if you would like these days the chaos computer club cologne celebrates its 5th birthday. due to that they invited three djs (bob humid/serve+destroy, catya/liquid_sky + l.n./chaos_radio) to have a big party (take a look at their invitation demo) just some meters away from us on evoke-saturday. as a generous birthday gesture they invited all evoke guests to their party -- for free! more information...


please, get in contact with me as we will only allow access to evoke with a signed permission by your parents. this is due to several legal issues and bad experiences at evoke 2000.


This years evoke is awaiting some visitors from far away. To compensate the travel costs we offer some special discount on the entrance fee. You have to apply for this discount in advance. If you are travelling more than 700km to evoke 2002 you should get in touch with us.
Apply for that special long-distance entrance fee at ld at evoke-net.de.


if you would like to let your friends know that you are going to evoke, just enter your data in our visitor list...


as for the new location (including higher costs blablabla) we had to raise the entrance fee a little. non the less you will have to pay 20 € for evoke 2002, only. women and matt/ozone will get in for free.


if you would like to get in contact with the evoke organizing just drop a mail to 2002 at evoke-net.de.


all important information on evoke will be announced through our mailinglist. simply subscribe by entering your email in the field below.