panorama (81 kb)


Tokyo Dawn Records

deep'n'dirty soulclaps since 1997 soul'n'skills guaranteed.

COMFORT FIT (stuttgart) * LIVE

hiphop beat mining deluxe. known for his dopebeats on TDR/groove attack, universal jazz, etc. more...

MC CHAOZ (augsburg) * LIVE

TDR's forthcoming superrapper from the US. previously kickin' it with lil' kim, cappadonna, pharcyde etc. more...

RESOUND (virrat/finland) * DJ

aka krii, one half of the causes&forces team. known for his releases on TDR/groove attack, klang, source, moving, warm communications, covert operations etc etc. tonight he will show with a drum and bass dj set why paradox, grooverider & bukem love his beats. more...


minimal concepts for your pleasure.

DATAMAN (bielefeld) * LIVE

minimal techhouse from the labelhead of legoego. further exciting releases on stadtgruen, thunderground, vernacular, etc. more...

MARTIN DONATH (nuremberg) * LIVE

aka punkteins and sphaerenwandler. minimal techhouse from the labelhead of stadtgruen, with releases on tonatom, realaudio, handhouse etc. more...


good vibrations since 2000


velvet, chimerical child, dhg and guests playing a moony excursion through their laidback triphop backstock more...


disciples of ageema is about being hopeful of a better tomorrow and being honest. it takes courage to be honest. try to do beautiful things. be careful not to lie. if you start lying to yourself you're in danger. if we loose our hope we're dead.

LUKAS NYSTRAND (gothenburg/ sweden) * LIVE

aka mortimer twang aka sentimental cat aka lukiss aka fumca. a jazzfunksouldisco connaisseur. previously releasing on backseat recordings, swing'em'low, mono211, TDR, pleasedosomething and more.


iD is for identity. is a platform for individual identities, sounds and graphics.

DJ mo. (cologne) * DJ

aka moritz sauer (de:bug,, keyboards magazine). regard mo. as iD.EOLOGY's transmitter mast, freestyling inbetween dnb, techhouse & downbeats. more...

SUDIO (dortmund) * LIVE

a deeply kicking sci-fi-electro live act by the ideology member. more...

ELLIPTIC (bochum) * LIVE

whether you're the type for fat chilled-out sofa-beats or you prefer the drive of drum'n'bass, Elliptic's interpretation of contemporary musical entertainment cannot help but severely rock your cortex. more...


thinner is a netlabel for dub-inspired electronic music.

KRILL-MINIMA (dortmund) * LIVE

aka falter & marsen jules. an ambient dub liveact mixing warmth, emotion and pop-appeal with exotic and experimental soundscapes. more...


aka surphase. a dubtech liveact for the lovers of the basic channel and chain reaction sound signatures. more...

RONNY PRIES (hamburg) * DJ

labelhead of the banging netlabel rohformat. previously also releasing on superstition, forte, uptide etc. await a peaktime-compatible dubtechno dj set using final scratch. more...