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Known as Resound, Krii as well as one half of the Causes and Forces production duo – Ilpo Karkkainen is an artist, producer and DJ hailing from Finland. Having been involved with music since very early age, his musical ambition has led him from demolishing his mother’s kettles with kitchen hardware in the early 80’s into establishing his sound in the forefront of electronic music today.

The musical perioids in between have been numerous - from playing different traditional finnish instruments to playing guitar and bass in a hardcore punk band. Ever since he first started creating electronic music back in 1995, Resound has been living, eating and breathing it. Deep futuristic grooves, moody soundscapes and sophisticated beatwork are characteristic to his style. Innovation is the key word – his goal is to keep things interesting for both the listener and to himself.

Ilpo started studying music, sound technology and business administration in the year 2000 and graduated in summer 2004. In the roles of producer and mixing engineer he has helped numerous artists and bands achieve their visions. He also has years of experience in doing music and sound for films, short movies, animations, radio and TV commercials, jingles, multimedia, recording and mixing bands in studio as well as live and various other kinds of work on the field.

Always busy on the production tip, Ilpo has also established himself as a solid and fresh sounding remixer. His remixes of artists and bands like ASC, Dephazz, Blaktroniks and Bergheim 34 have been widely acclaimed. His own music has also been remixed by the likes of Alpha Omega, ASC, Electrosoul System, Graphic and Paradox.

With music released worldwide on labels like Camino Blue (GER), Covert Operations (UK), Klang Elektronik (GER), Leet Recordings (SWE), Merck Records (USA), Moving Records (GER), Source Records (GER), Tokyo Dawn Records (GER) and Warm Communications (USA) as well as releases in the pipeline for several other labels, Resound is in motion and well set for the future.

DJ support

ALLEY CAT (Reinforced, Skunkrock), ASC (Covert Operations, 720 Degrees), BLAME (720 Degrees), CYANIDE (Armada), EHL (Warm Communications), FUTURE PROPHECIES (Subtitles, Certificate 18), GROOVERIDER (Prototype, Radio 1), KIKO (Ohm Resistance, Hostile), LTJ BUKEM (Good Looking), MAV (Scientific, Offshore), MUFFLER (Hospital, Urban Takeover), NOOKIE (Good Looking, Reinforced), PENDULUM (31 Records, Freak, Breakbeat Kaos), PHYSICS (Midnight Sun, Good Looking), PRYMER (Tokyo Dawn), PSIDREAM (Breakbeat Science, Nerve), PYRO (Nerve, Leet), ROB F (Hostile, Renegade Hardware), SOMATIK (2000 Black), SUBWAVE (Tech Itch, DSCI4), SWITCHONE (Helsinki Jungle Mafia), TOM WIELAND (Compost), VECTOR BURN (Beta, Critical), amongst others...

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