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boris mezga aka comfort fit started making music with 4 years using a yamaha-vss 200 minikeyboard including a minisampler. he bought his first two decks with 12 so that he didn't have to cut his mixes using tapedecks anymore, and quickly became one of germany's promising newcomer-djs. he was already spinning at clubs, cafes and on radio and even getting props from the regional press for his techno mixing skills with merely 13 years. 1997 he discovered ninja tune and fell in love with their retro-organic sounds, which helped him discover HIPHOP in young years.

2001 he fucked up his final school exam due to the work on his first album titled 'museum', released on (hint: a few copies of this very limited release are still available!) the three comfort fit tracks on tdrlp01 will give you reason enough to eagerly await his second album to drop on tokyo dawn soon. he is currently working together with talented mcs on some bouncers and we surely believe to have found one of the hottest newcomer hiphop producers around! it even seems like some people agree, regarding his tokyodawn remix for the bestselling act on universal jazz, dephazz, which just got released this summer!


»Whenever you wanna call me« (4,479 kb)
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»She knows me now« (5,708 kb)
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»Die Entfernten Stimmen« (6,362 kb)
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comfortfit (29kb)