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the name represents everything what my music stands for. the definition of CHAOS is the state of things in which chance is supreme: or the nature that is subject to no law or that is not uniform. the reason why i choose this as my stage name is because i believe that their is no such thing as law and order. we make the rules to what we do and to what we put our faith in. so with this out look, CHAOZ stands any thing that doesnt apply to the rules.

one of the main objectives of my music is to speak on the things that happen in everyday life, and not to focus too much on the surface. the truth behind the music industry is that they do not want people to wake up, but rather stay brainwashed zombies. people get scared when the truth is right in their face. even though they're very critical, they dont want to be preached to but rather lead up to the big picture little by little with small hints.

for the last five years i've been doing alot of rap shows with numerous artists from the states and germ any such as broken english, lil' kim, das effects, pharcyde, capadonna, craig g, eko fresh, raptile, o.c., kali, d-koldis, project34-3, dj scream mixtapes and so on and so on..

next coming plans is to produce a whole new album with tokyo dawn for the spring time, so keep your eyes open.


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