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andreas seibel was born in the ural, russia, and made his first musical experiences at the age of 9 when he learned to play recorder (flute) and organ. later he got in touch with the amiga and some tracking-software and started to produce music together with a friend of him. he built up a little studio and put money into hardware until 2002. one year later he sold everything to finance his own record-label 'jerkbox' which unfortunately did not establish and accordingly was discontinued in the beginning of 2004. nevertheless andreas had had releases on 'thunderground' and 'vernacular' under his former pseudo 'frakmatik'. since 2002 he is known as 'dataman' and now also performing live on stage.

musically andreas has been through nearly everything. techno, hardcore, trance, minimal...everything is familiar to him. he doesn't want to set down on a specific style, and so he is always searching for new and fresh sounds, recombining them with a glimpse of experimentalism.

the works of 'dataman' are mostly based on a simple but very exciting concept: rhythmic elements are set into order and produce a continuous driving basement. first you think everything is linear but then you'll realize that the orthogonal structures move and seem to 'live'. the evoking anti-correctness clarifies the human nature of those machines. erroreousness and inaccuracy are inevitable but lovely characteristics of human beings.


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