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sometimes it's a little bit better to travel than to arrive. listening to the music of m.donath is just like following r. m. pirsig's dualistic sight of world, who identifies two primary modes of perceiving and thinking: classicism and romanticism. like pirsig's protagonists m.donath is on the way to unify the cold, rational world of technology with the warm, imaginative realm of artistry. his medium is not the world of words and thoughts, but the abysmal ambience of notes and sounds. his classic attitude may be recognised in the way how he arranges his tracks searching for the perfect structure. juvenile romanticism can be traced in the wideness of his preferred soundscapes, which sometimes are warm as a comfort room in winter and sometimes let you feel a cold breeze in summer. but the aim is equal: in the end the antagonism of structure and surface have to lead to a satisfying quality.

equipped with this skills m.donath is able to integrate effortlessly actual tendencies into his own visions of music. techno, dub, microhouse, clicks&cuts, ambient and all the crossovers are familiar to him. starting his musical efforts in 1999 and getting a wanderer between the different worlds of electronic music it's just frightening that he was able to work out a certain m.donath style within this short time.

this guy knows about the necessity not only to sit in his home-recording studio fiddling out new well tempered arrangements, but to go out for live performances, and to bring the lounge to swing, to rock the house. music is entertainment - join the trip!


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»Sexy Chicks«
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