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Please notice

The music composer is not allowed to be registered with a copyright society. This includes - but is not limited to - all member societies of BIEM (take a look at their website for more information). In case of doubts get in touch with us, please.


  • every hardware is allowed (e.g. psx/xbox/palm/mobile phones/c64/amiga etc)
  • bring your own hardware!
  • pure animations are not allowed
  • _please_ try to deliver a video of your demonstration
  • maximum running time: 10 Minutes


  • this is the compo for all animations or videos
  • use the latest version of the divx codec or bring a mpeg file
  • maximum showing time: 10 minutes
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aug 29 results available!
aug 25 ATI sponsors Evoke 2004
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aug 22 cold beer for sale! [updated^2]

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