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Invitation Intro

Download the official invitation by Equinox. It competed in Scene Event 2004 64k compo and did 2nd place.

Feel free to post feedback about it on pouet.net.

Excision Sheets

All the three excision sheets by Noize/Kolor are available for download as PDFs. Build your own car, castle and rocket! Each download is about 2,5 mb.

Below you can see xtu during the build process and Raimo / Matt Current & mfx with his masterpiece. Both photos were taken at Breakpoint.


Download the official Evoke 2004 invitation song 'Kinderzimmer (Evoke 2004)' by Netpoet / Downlords & Parkstudios as an ogg or for your mobile.

aug 30 After-party section!
aug 29 results available!
aug 25 ATI sponsors Evoke 2004
aug 25 party hotline
aug 22 cold beer for sale! [updated^2]

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