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After-party section!
aug 30 Our after-party section is already online - containing press articles, sceners' reports, photos and of course the releases. This section will be updated constantly, so check back often to see new stuff! If you know more links that would fit there, don't hesitate to contact us.

results available!
aug 29 Too wasted to write too much, except for a HUGE THANKS to all our visitors and contributors. You made this party special! There will be a proper after-party section in a few days, but you can already check out the results. The releases are going up to scene.org and will be available as soon as they are moved to the right directory.

ATI sponsors Evoke 2004
aug 25 We are very glad to announce that ATI Technologies Inc. is sponsoring this year's Evoke. ATI is not only known as a world leader in the design and manufacture of 3D graphics hardware, but also as a strong supporter of the demoscene. Having ATI as a partner at our side, we can make Evoke an event you'd never dare to dream of.

party hotline
aug 25 During the party, Evoke can be reached under +49-178-4691363. So if you get totally lost or something, call and we'll try to help you.

cold beer for sale! [updated^2]
aug 22 Not really looking forward to carry heavy beer crates? Tired of drinking warm beer on demoparties? Don't worry, at this year's Evoke there will be cold beer getting sold at the location. We'll have Sion Kölsch and Bitburger for 1 EUR + 0,50 EUR deposit each 0,33l. You can still drink your own warm beer instead, but mmmmmh, nice cold beer, consider it!..
And don´t forget your evoke-mugs from last year. Digitale Kultur e.V. will offer coffee for free.

Fabulous Prizes at Evoke
aug 16 Intel does it again and sponsors two marvelous PCs as prizes for Evoke's demo-/64k-compos. They had the travelling demoscener in mind when they compiled the computers. The PCs are based on a shuttle barebone system and feature a 3.0Ghz INTEL Pentium 4 Hyperthreading CPU, 1GB of Ram and a 120GB S-ATA HDD. The systems will have an ATI X800Pro graphics adapter.

compo pc announced!
aug 10 Finally we can announce the Evoke compo PCs configuration. Check the democompo rules for more info.

various things of interest
aug 07 First of all, we have the pleasure to announce that Smash Designs will release Turrican 3 on Evoke, 28th August at 3:03. Get your copy there first!
Then , we'll have Crest celebrating 5 years of his famous demoshow. Be sure to attend a special version of it on Friday night! Crest will also sell several scene DVDs plus, for the first time, the new book "Demoscene: the art of realtime". If you want to buy those items, you have to preorder until August 18th.
And last not least, z99 from Latvia, also known as Raver/PHT^DCS, will be featured as VJ on the Evoke Netlabelnight. Nice to have you there, mate!

jul 30 We have put a preliminary timetable online. Check it out, so you can plan your stay...

hotels, hostels & camping
jul 30 If you want a comfortable bed to rest your party-wasted head on, we have put up a list of hotels that are located not far from the partyplace and have mostly reasonable prices. Also, if you plan to show up with your tent or even caravan, there is a camping ground not too far from the partyplace.

if you are younger than 18...
jul 27 ...then please note that because of legal issues, we can not let you into the party place without a declaration consent filled out by your parents. Please get in touch with us and we'll provide you with the neccesary info.

Newcomer Award at Evoke
jul 27 The association Digitale Kultur e.V. is presenting the Newcomer Award on the Evoke for the second time. An independent demoscene jury will award the individual or group that is relatively new to the scene and presents something refreshing and interesting at the Evoke compos. So, youngsters, throw on your machines and be creative!

evoke 2004 invitation!
jul 24 Our skilled friends in Equinox did a ultra-neat 64k invitation for this year's evoke, released this weekend at Scene Event in Denmark. Get it now from the link above!

entrance fee & long distance discount
jul 22 Finally we can announce that the entrance fee for Evoke 2004 will be 20€ for all three days. Please note that we will take only Euro currency. Those who will have to travel over 700km to get to Evoke, have a possibility to get a long distance discount. We only can grant you this discount if you apply for it in advance. Please use either the contact formular or write directly to ldd[AT]evoke-net.de.

even more travelling updates!
jul 18 More info on how to get to our party! We added a little section about bustrips, plus you can search and offer lifts. Now there should be nothing standing in your way, eh?

evoke netlabel night
jul 06 Want to experience the hottest internetlabels in concert? Here's a once in a lifetime opportunity to hear the netaudio scene get physical. In cooperation with De:Bug, the german electronic music magazine, we bring you the Evoke Netlabel Night. On Friday the 27th August, the day Evoke starts, there will be a club night in the Sensor Club, right underneath the Evoke mainhall. Enjoy DJ sets and live acts from fabulous demo- and netlabel-scene musicians! Please visit the official Evoke Netlabel Night site for more info.

travelling info
jun 05 We're glad to announce that the travelling info is complete now. Check it out!

banner system
jun 05 Just like last year, you can register at our banner system, link an Evoke banner with your ID at your homepage - and win a free entrance! Look here for details!

sweet memories - evoke z003 video
may 12 The friendly guys at Nitewalkz did a lot of filming at the last Evoke - and finally there is the result! Get the short movie and remember the great summer of Z003!

establishing a tradition
may 10 Buenzli and Evoke are proud to bring you the Combined Ticket again. The ticket which is valid for both parties will be cheaper than the sum of two single tickets. Exact prices will be announced later.
The tickets will be available at Buenzli only!

website online!
apr 29 Finally the Evoke 2004 website is launched! You can already get some general location info and register yourself if you're thinking about coming. Also, the compo rules are already online, so you can start planning your entries. Travel instructions and other info will come up here really soon, so you should check the page regularly to stay tuned about Evoke 2004 - The Digital Playground!

apr 20 the old website is still available at http://z003.evoke-net.de/ -- in addition there is the evoke archive at http://archive.evoke-net.de/

RSS Feed

A rss-feed containing all news from Evoke is also available. Take a look at http://www.evoke-net.de/rss.xml

aug 30 After-party section!
aug 29 results available!
aug 25 ATI sponsors Evoke 2004
aug 25 party hotline
aug 22 cold beer for sale! [updated^2]

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