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Again, we have a very special location for you this year - a former vinegar factory, which is nowadays used for parties and concerts. There will be enough parking lots for everybody, and over 600sqm mainhall space will make you forget the sardine-can feeling of the last Evoke, but we can assure you that partyspirit-wise this year's Evoke will be at least as good as last year. The official page of this location is www.essigfabrik.de, so you can go there for some photos and (german) infotext.

The location is at the banks of the river Rhine again - but this time on the other side. Unlike last year, there is a huge meadow right at the water, where you can chill out and do a barbeque. A big supermarket and a gas station are located next door, a variety of shops and restaurants are just another few hundred meters away, so you can fulfill all your eating & shopping needs.

Cologne is a big, but still cozy, city at the river Rhine in the western part of Germany, close to the Dutch, Belgian and French borders. Due to the near Köln/Bonn airport and its new connection to cheap airlines, it's possible to get there for a very reasonable price from nearly every European metropole. Make sure to book your flight tickets quickly and you can be sure to get to the party cheap & fast. You'll regret it if you won't be there.

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