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Here you see a map to get an idea how to get there... Scroll down for highway directions and scroll down even more for a photo guide!

Postal adress:
Siegburger Straße 110
D-50679 Köln (Cologne)

Coming from:


  • via A57 (Neuss, Krefeld, Nijmegen) -> A1 Leverkusen/Hagen/Dortmund (see North)
  • via A61 (Venlo, Eindhoven) -> A4 Köln (see West)

North-East (Dortmund, Hannover, Berlin):

  • A1 Köln (AK Leverkusen) -> A3 (Köln) (see North)

North (Duisburg, Arnhem):

  • A3 Köln (AD Heumar)(28) -> A4 Aachen
  • next exit Köln-Poll(13)

East (Olpe, Siegen, Chemnitz, Dresden):

  • A4 (AK Köln-Ost) (16) -> A4 Aachen
  • A4 (AD Heumar) (28) -> A4 Aachen
  • passing AK Gremberg
  • next exit Köln-Poll(13)

South-East (Frankfurt, Würzburg, Nürnberg):

  • A3 Köln (AK Heumar)(28) -> A4 Aachen
  • passing AK Gremberg
  • next exit Köln-Poll(13)

South (Koblenz, Bingen):

  • A61 (AK Meckenheim) -> A565 Bonn
  • A565 -> A59 Flughafen Köln/Bonn
  • A59 (AD Porz)(33) -> A559 Köln
  • A559 (AK Gremberg)(14) -> A4 Aachen
  • next exit Köln-Poll(13)

West (Aachen, Maastricht):

  • A4 Köln
  • exit right after passing river Rhine Köln-Poll(13)

...and what now?

This is what the exit is called. Exit here.

Turn left at the end of the exit (no matter which direction you came from).

Go straight on.

...and on.

Notice the large chimneys ahead, move to the left lane.

Turn left here, right between the gas station and the tram stop.

Here you can see the crossroad from a different angle.

Turn right immediatly after this.

Evoke is located inside the gray greenish house right in front of the large chimneys. The entrance is located towards the chimneys. You may park your car anywhere along this road for free as long as you don't block any other cars.

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