Seminars at Evoke 2008

by Jerome Muffat-Meridol, Senior Application Engineer at Intel.

Sat, 14:00

“Dual-core was easy, but you want me to use 8 threads?!?”

Multi-threading has become a stable of modern programmers vocabulary,
however it still presents challenges to the most seasoned programmers.
Ensuring your multi-threaded design continues to scale from Dual-Core to
Quad-Core and even more is a big challenge. Threading Building blocks
provide a task abstraction that generally leads to better scheduling and load
balancing. Additionally, the Threading Building Blocks help to reduce
synchronization by design and by more efficient synchronization primitives.
We’ll review the Threading Building blocks and show a real world case where
Threading Building Blocks were applied to a demo game application.

Sun, 11:00

“Multi-core & multi-threading performance analysis made easier”

Getting maximum performance used to be about counting cycles and moving
asm instructions around to achieve the best performance. However with the
growing availability of multi-core processors and the associated multi-thread
programming, we’ve all found cycle counting to fall short in performance
analysis when you have to deal with things like contention vs. granularity, load
balance vs. synchronization cost. Here we’ll discuss several tools that go
beyond cycle counting and Intel VTune and provide you with the right tools to
analyze multi-thread programming.

A short biography of Jerome Muffat-Meridol
Jerome Muffat-Meridol has been writing software for the past twenty years with
a focus on applications with a graphic side to them. Before joining Intel, he
wrote deepViewer a photo browser built on a very innovative point & zoom
interface, applying the know-how gained in ten years of video games
development: he previously was Technical Director at Bits Studios, a London
based studio specialised in console games.
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