EVOKE Z003 / welcome

feb 27-29 0a000h (de)
apr 09-12 breakpoint (de)
aug 25 after party section
aug 24 evoke Z003 is over
aug 20 newcomer award at evoke
aug 14 bring your wlan equip!
aug 13 coming from berlin or east-germany?

evoke Z003 is over

the monkey meeting is over and has been a huge success. about 280 visitors showed up and submitted about 100 releases (thanks a lot!).

meanwhile nearly all releases are online on the scene.org servers and so are the results. in addition we installed an after party section on the evoke webpage (feel free to drop us a note on other picture or report resources on the web).

if you got suggestions for us how to improve evoke: just get in touch with us (using the contact form on the web). and hey, we already know that there were problems with space, heat and the pricegiving :)


all important information on evoke will be announced through our mailinglist. simply subscribe by entering your email in the field below.

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