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feb 27-29 0a000h (de)
apr 09-12 breakpoint (de)
aug 25 after party section
aug 24 evoke Z003 is over
aug 20 newcomer award at evoke
aug 14 bring your wlan equip!
aug 13 coming from berlin or east-germany?
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after party section
aug 25 We have now an after party section where you can find all releases and several photo links. Thanks for participating, everyone!

And now a message to everyone whose entries got disqualified or preselected: Neither we will spread them, nor are they mentioned in the result file, so feel free to contribute them to an other party.

evoke Z003 is over
aug 24 Evoke Z003 was a huge success. About 280 visitors showed up and submitted about 100 releases (thanks a lot!). Official Results are already availble, all releases are yet to be moved from the incoming. Expect more party coverage in the next days.

newcomer award at evoke
aug 20 The association Digitale Kultur e.V. is presenting the Newcomer Award on the Evoke for the first time. An independent demoscene jury will award the individual or group that is relatively new to the scene and presents something refreshing and interesting at the Evoke compos.

bring your wlan equip!
aug 14 Another good news we'd like to share with you. There's a beer garden some hundred meters from the partyplace, which offers free WLAN internet access. Sounds weird, but is true. So, if you'd like to check your emails while having a cold beer outside, bring a WLAN card alongside your notebook.

coming from berlin or east-germany?
aug 13 Coming from Berlin or East Germany and still not knowing how to get to Evoke? There is a private traincompany called InterConnex that is offering cheap trainrides from Rostock via Berlin to Cologne and back. Two Evoke organizers tested this route last week and it was quite comfortable, so check it out...

invitation song released
aug 09 After the release of the cute invitation intro, we now bring you an uplifting invitation song.
This musical invitation was made by Netpoet/Downlords+Park.

entry fee settled
aug 04 We just decided that the entry fee for Evoke Z003 should be 20€. The LD discount hasn't been set yet, but it'll sure be cheaper than the normal fee. See ya there!

compo pc specs
jul 31 Here we finally go with the compo PC specs. It'll be a P4 2,66Ghz, equipped with 1GB RAM and GF4 Ti 4200 gfx card. As operating systems, there will be Windows XP and Redhat Linux 9 available. Now start working on your entries already!
Oh yeah, and mind there are some changes at the gfx compo section.

evoke is _no_ gaming event
jul 25 Because of some inqueries, we would like to state that Evoke is a demoscene event and NOT a gamers' LAN party. Gamers will be thrown out if we need space for arriving sceners, which is almost sure as the computer space is very limited this time. Don't play games at the party. If you do, don't expect people to be very friendly towards you, and don't expect the organizers to help you either.

buy mindcandy dvds at evoke
jul 25 Crest will be selling Mindcandy DVDs at Evoke at a special price of 14€. If you want to buy some of these, you have to pre-order them via email until the 12th of august.

detailed travelling instructions online
jul 25 Finally we've put up detailed instructions on how to get to Evoke via plane, train and car. The instructions feature maps and photos to make it easier for you, and yes, they are printable. Enjoy!

intel give two pcs as compo prices
jul 21 A few days ago we announced that our main sponsor INTEL is generously offering a Pentium 4 Hyperthreading CPU based PC as first prize for the demo compo.
Now it comes even better: they offer TWO PCs, one for 1st demo and another for 1st 64k intro. And here are the preliminary specs:
Intel Pentium 4 processor with Hyperthreading technology, 3.0 Ghz, 800 Mhz PSB, 1GB RAM, 200GB HDD, ATI Radeon 9800 gfx card and 4x DVD+R/+RW drive.

And it gets even better! You have no idea how to get that new PC back home? No problem! Intel will deliver the PC directly to your place after the party!

You see, the prizes are the best we've ever had, so hurry up making your entries now! We'll await you on Evoke friday!

Please note that the actual setup of the PCs might slightly differ from the announced sepcifications if better hardware gets available at the same price or single components get unavailable at all.

lots of new sponsors
jul 18 Now it's time to inform you about our amazing new sponsors who make the party possible. First of all, Intel, one of the most important companies in computer history needing no further introduction, sponsors us financially and, most interesting for the attenders, a hi-tech PC as first price (exact specs will follow soon)for the PC demo compo . So, make your entries ready, there is really something to fight for. Then we have Terratec, the well-known sound hardware company, which will generously sponsor the music compo with hardware from their "Producer" series. Native Instruments, the company known for their sound synthesis as well for their "Traktor" DJ software, will sponsor the Evoke with money and prices, and will hold a workshop on their products. The list of music-related companies goes on, and so we have ReFX, who are producing popular VST plugins, and Renoise, the makers of the next generation tracker, who will both sponsor the music compos. And, last not least, we have the consulting company Hettler-Rickert supporting the Evoke financially.
See our sponsor page for more info and a complete list of Evoke sponsors.

several news
jul 17 We have several news to announce. First of all, the preliminary timetable is online, so you can already see what'll be held when at the party.
Then, we have prepared a list of hotels for those who prefer a comfortable bed during a demoparty. Check it out, as these hotels are quite affordable.
And, last but not least, there is the long-awaited lifts database, for those who have a car place to offer and those who seek one. Please make use of it, especially if you got rides to offer, so more people have the chance to visit Evoke.

invitation intro galore
jul 06 At Symphony 2003 Black Maiden and Park presented the official Evoke 2003 invitation intro and ranked 1st. Get it here and discuss it on pouet.net.
In other news, Haujobb released a Win32 port of their "Dead Flowers" intro featuring some Evoke 2003 advertizing. Get it here. Thank you guys!

combine evoke and buenzli!
jul 02 As the first demoparties ever, Buenzli and Evoke are proud to bring you a combined ticket for both parties! Since Buenzli takes place just one week after Evoke, we decided to make it easy for you to visit both of those great events. If you're plan to visit Evoke aswell as Buenzli, then you should ask for the combined ticket at the Evoke-entrance. The ticket will be cheaper than the sum of the single tickets. To be informed about upcoming news of the Buenzli and Evoke partnership you should check www.buenz.li or www.evoke-net.de. Get ready for 10 days of (almost) non-stop partying!

divineo.de sponsors our console compo
jun 30 The german console mailorder Divineo.de is sponsoring our console compo in a generous way. First price will be an Xbox with modchip, 80GB harddisk and installed Amiga emulator featuring many amiga demos! Second and third prices will be vauchers for divineo.de products in value of 80 and 40 Euros. So, get a console demo together!

long distance discount
jun 25 This years Evoke is awaiting some visitors from far away. To compensate the travel costs we offer some special discount on the entrance fee. You have to apply for this discount in advance. If you are travelling more than 700km to Evoke 2003, you should get in touch with us.

if you are younger than 18...
jun 24 ...then please note that because of legal issues, we can not let you into the party place without a declaration consent filled out by your parents. Please get in touch with us and we'll provide you with the neccesary info.

evoke irc channel
jun 23 From now on, we have a channel for all you IRC freaks to gather around and discuss the upcoming party and what not. Simply join #evoke on IRCNet.
And by the way, if you can't wait to go partying, you may want to visit Scene Event or Symphony to get in party mood for Evoke...

first travelling info
jun 11 We just put all important info about going to Evoke by plane and train online, so you can start booking your flights and stuff. Read on here for more details. Info about coming by car, as well as advices how to get around in Cologne itself, will follow really soon.

banner action
jun 10 Just like last year, we have a banner system running for you to participate and maybe win a free entrance to Evoke. Please visit http://banner.evoke-net.de for more info.

rules update
jun 09 Please check out the updated comporules for music and graphics, as some significant changes have been made.

may 29 Announce your coming here.

compo rules
may 10 Finally the detailed compo rules have been announced. You can look them up here. The compo PC details will come up really soon.

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