Below you find the nearly final timetable for the party. In addition it is available as an iCalendar file to add to your calendar software of choice.


16:00 general Doors open
19:00 event DG-i BBQ
20:00 event Opening Ceremony
21:00 event Dinos Derbe Demoschau
23:00 liveact BLEEPSTREET Records Labelnight


11:00 deadline ANSI/ASCII, One-Sample Tracked Music, OGG/MP3 Music
12:00 seminar The demoscene as subject to academic teaching and research
13:00 seminar Cultural Commons Collecting Society
14:00 compo ANSI/ASCII
15:00 compo One-Sample Tracked Music
15:00 deadline Interactive
16:00 seminar VGA EveryWhere : Bitbanging Video on a Microcontroller
17:00 compo OGG/MP3 Music
17:00 deadline Animation, Pixeled/Freestyle Graphics, Alternative Platforms
18:00 event DG-i BBQ
18:00 dj-set Nodepond
19:00 seminar Dissecting Odyssey & Hardwired by Fasih Sayin
20:00 compo Pixeled/Freestyle Graphics
20:00 deadline PC 4k Intro, PC 64k Intro, PC Demo
20:30 compo Animation
22:00 compo Interactive
23:00 compo Executables PC 4k / 64k / Demo


00:00 compo Alternative Platforms
01:00 liveact Jerobeam Fenderson
02:00 dj-set Lug00ber
08:00 deadline Voting Deadline
10:00 dj-set Black Maiden Hi-Fi
13:00 event Prizegiving Ceremony