General Rules

In case of questions concerning these rules or the competitions at Evoke simply get in touch  with us.

  • The competitor must be present at the party (except for the ANSI/ASCII and Pixel Graphics competition). In case of a group-production, at least one member of the group must be present. Every attender may contribute with a maximum of one entry for each compo.
  • The music composer is not allowed to be registered with a copyright society. This includes, but is not limited to, all member societies of BIEM. Please get in touch with us in case of doubts.
  • Entries must not have been released before (except for the ANSI/ASCII competition) and they must be handed in before each deadline.
  • The organizers have the right to cancel a compo if there aren't enough competitors.
  • There will be a preselection if there are too many entries for a compo.
  • You have to agree that we'll spread your contribution (thru, e.g.).
  • You may submit a screenshot for your release (format should be approx. 4:3).
  • The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the competition rules and to disqualify any entry which is not suitable for the compo for any reason. This includes anything violating german or international law.


Compo Machine

  • CPU: Core i7-2700K@3.5GHz
  • Mainboard: Asus P8Z68-M PRO
  • GFX: NVIDIA GeFore GTX TITAN (P2083)
  • RAM: 16GB RAM
  • OS: Win8.1/Win7 64bit with then latest DirectX and stable NVidia drivers

We will have two identical machines with Win8 and Win7. The compo machine is provided by the friendly guys at revision.


If you want your demo to be shown in full size you have to make sure it runs in 1920x1080 resolution. Best way to achieve this is to include a resolution and aspect selector in your demo/intro. You can also deliver different executables of your 4k/64k intro if you have filesize troubles.

Alternative Platforms

  • Every platform is allowed (e.g. game consoles, mobile devices, oldschool homecomputers etc.)
  • Bring your own hardware!
  • Pure animations are not allowed.
  • Maximum running time: 10 minutes.
  • Please try to deliver a video of your demonstration.
  • Please contact us if you provide a video signal other than DVI or composite.

PC Demo

  • Filesize limit: 256MB after unzipping.
  • Maximum running time: 10 minutes.
  • Flash animations are not allowed, please submit them to the Animation compo.

PC 64k-Intro

  • Filesize limit: 64k (65536 bytes)
  • Maximum running time: 10 minutes.

PC 4k-Intro

  • Filesize limit: 4096 bytes.
  • Maximum running time: 10 minutes.

PC Platforms

Windows is currently the only PC platform "supported" by us. If you plan to release a Mac OS X or Linux entry, please contact us *before* the party to make sure we can play it somehow. Please consider entering a Windows port of your demo. If that is not possible, we cannot guarantee that your demo will be displayed in 16:9 ratio etc. - for any other platform (what we endorse really much), there is the Interactive competition.


This is a new competition, in which we want you to explore new types of artforms. Any application that involves human interaction to generate visual and/or audio feedback to the audience is allowed. Since this is a new compo and we try to engage new platforms we are open to any kind of submission

Get creative and experimental! we embrace any kind of input.

  • Keyboard, mouse, gamepad
  • Wii controler
  • Kinect, PlayStation Eye
  • Trackpad

Examples of interactive applications:

  • Games
  • Interactive demos
  • Responsive/Narrating story-telling
  • Music disks
  • Experimental visualization of user input


  • Every platform is allowed.
  • Must not been released before.
  • We endorse you to present it live in the competition.
  • A microphone will be provided for additional commenting.
  • Maximum running time: 5 minutes.

Please contact us if you need or bring special hardware other than our compo PC, especially if you provide a video signal other than DVI or Composite. We will show the usual output on the big screen and also the interaction on a second display. Executable will be released.


Evoke will feature a big screen with 16:9 aspect ratio maximum resolution: 1920*1080*32bit, if above, your contribution will be scaled down If your contribution is smaller than this resolution or has another aspect ratio, there will be black borders around your graphic.


  • This is the compo for all animations or videos.
  • H264 codec recommended.
  • Maximum showing time: 10 minutes.
  • You should prepare your material in 16:9 screen ratio.

Pixel Graphics

You have to create an image which uses a limited palette.

  • Use ONLY the colors of this image
  • Be sure your image contains only these 16 colors. Images with more or other colors will be disqualified!
  • You can choose the resolution, 16:9 aspect ratio is recommended.
  • You don't have to use all colors, we will show the actual number of colors used.
  • Final image must not be released before.
  • GIF animation is allowed.
  • Maximum showtime per entry is 30 seconds.
  • There will be a preselection, e.g. badly converted content will be disqualified.

This compo is open to contributions of people who are not present at the party. Submit your entry at the Evoke partyplace. If you will not attend Evoke send them to tom (at) drastic [dot] net until 1st of August 2014. If you attend Evoke, you can upload your release at the party intranet.

Freestyle Graphics

  • You can use every tool you want. "no rules".
  • All pictures will be shown with latest IrfanView.
  • Please hand in pictures with a flawless compression like PNG to ensure highest quality.
  • If you can submit steps of the creation process, they will be shown.


  • Maximum size: 80 characters width / any number of lines.
  • Will be shown with Acid View 6.0 viewer in 80*25 and in VGA mode.
  • Acid View's built-in topaz font will be used for displaying Amiga style ASCII's.
  • Ansimations are not allowed.
  • You are allowed to submit entries that were already released in packs and collections, but only if these were released in 2014, and only if you state the fact in the submission notes. The information whether your entry was already released in a pack or whether you have drawn it exclusively for Evoke will be shown on the big screen.
  • The ANSI/ASCII compo is open to contributions of people who are not present at the party. Send your work to Pandur (tom (at) or Dipswitch (dipswitch (at) until 6th of August.
  • If there are enough entries, we will split the compo into PC ANSI/ASCII and Amiga ASCII.


In case a compo attracts a big amount of entries, preselection will be done. For a detailed account on preselection and its practice at Evoke, read here.

One-Sample Tracked Music

  • Supported formats: XM IT S3M MT2 RNS MOD XRNS
  • You are ONLY allowed to use the one sample provided by us. You can download it here
  • You are not allowed to duplicate, cut or modify the sample via your tracker's sample editor (apart from setting a loop). Sample rate, number of channels and bit depth have to remain intact.
  • All modifications have to be done via tracker commands, leaving the sample itself intact.
  • Your track can use only one version of the waveform, not multiple modifications.
  • The BPM count may not exceed 250.
  • Usage of VST plugins NOT allowed.
  • If you use Renoise, you are NOT allowed to use the internal effect and instrument devices. Also, you are allowed to use only one effect column at a time.
  • Maximum playing time: 3:30, longer songs will be faded out
  • Playback with current xmplay (XM IT S3M MOD), madtracker (MT2) or renoise (RNS XRNS)


  • Required format: OGG or MP3.
  • Maximum playing time: 3:30, longer songs will be faded out from 3:30 to 3:40.
  • Playback with current Winamp 5.x version.