Friday Music: Bleep Street Labelnight

Friday 08.08.2014 @ EVOKE 2014 / 23.00h


bleepstreet labelhead

Bleepstreet Records was created in 1998 by Johan Kotlinski, most famous for making the Gameboy music program Little Sound DJ (LSDJ). With Kotlinski's background in underground computing and alternative electronic music, Bleepstreet Records started publishing vinyl records of unpolished and groovy 8-bit music, legitimizing the sound of filthy and raw data action rather than nostalgia and pixels. In 2008 the label moved from Stockholm to Berlin and began to flourish again since trendy styles like maximal, dubstep and EDM were melodically rooted in oldschool game culture.

Bleepstreet aims at showcasing what über nostalgic videogame nerds don't. Live performances with real-time generated music, DJ-sets with the funkiest floppy music, VJs with the most untrendy pixel art, workshops for the wannabes, lectures for the academics, audiovisual chill-out sessions for the psychonauts, or even screenings of true underground data art, all more or less made with old home computers. With new secret software and fresh approaches, Bleepstreet has always filled the gap between the global dancefloor and the underground Chiptune scene.



Remute is not just the owner of the www-domain '', but also for sure one of the most productive, energetic and eclectic protagonists of this genre. Since his teenage days the Belgrade-born producer released his music on legendary record-labels like Tresor, Traum or Bedrock and sharpened his reputation as a creator of unconventional, but sure-shot-dancefloorfillers! Besides countless, worldwide gigs at festivals, raves and cult-clubs like Berghain, he is also a very well-known and popular remixer for artists like Kid Alex aka Boys Noize, GusGus, Justin Robertson, Daniel Avery or Solomun. His own productions got remixed by artists like Paul Kalkbrenner, DJ Rush, Aka Aka, Snuff Crew or Legowelt.

His recent album 'Theme Tunes For 10 Games Never Made' which successfully build an overdue bridge between videogaming and clubbing (just listen to its lead-track 'Gravity?') and made Remute tour the world with synth-modified gameconsoles and Commodore Amiga homecomputers. With a new EP coming out on July 25th, Remute would be the latest addition to the Bleepstreet roster. / SoundCloud 



25 Year Old Henry Homesweet replaces the DJ decks with Nintendo Gameboys & delivers Lo-Fi synchronized techno & electro worldwide. Utilizing the hand-held control of Nanoloop music software & the out-dated hardware of forgotten consoles, his live sets are mixed & improvised fresh from the sound-chips, offering a unique performance everytime, anywhere.

With 5 releases on Bleepstreet, he has performed worldwide at over 300 parties with a full book of passport stamps from Brazil, Australia, America and Europe. His live sets are an electic mix of improvised House and techno with Henry Homesweet replacing the Dj decks with Nintendo Gameboys and delivering Lo-Fi synchronised music fresh from the sound chips. / SoundCloud



Je deviens dj en 3 jours stands for "I became a dj in 3 days" and is often shortened to JDDJ3J. He is a french electronic artist who creates all of his music on a Nintendo Gameboy from 1989. He says that he is fighting back the oppressive urge of technological sophistication that can be found in todayÆs electronic music and that he immediately found his unique sound signature made of unlikely waveforms - delivering a refreshing approach to techno music.

In 2009 he launched the 'DA CHIP' project, a tribute compilation to the french artists DAFT PUNK entirely composed on vintage game systems. Approved by the band itself, DA CHIP became a worldwide classic. This bad boy is currently signed to the BLEEPSTREET Label, who have released his second single 'Trashing Fakers', mixing pure gameboy sounds with heavy 21st century post-production. Always trying to be creative with his live performances, Je deviens dj en 3 jours has played to crowds in Europe, America, Indonesia and Japan and continues to organize many events in his hometown of Nice, France.




Computadora is a nerd with an attitude, he discovered the C64 Demoscene in Germany in the late 80s and was quite obsessed with it until the mid-90s when he upgraded to an Amiga 500 to focus primarily on music. In 1998 he starts DJing mods and xm files for fun at small local parties with no intention to keep doing it but time passes quick and in 2008 he takes over the direction of Bleepstreet Records where he starts organizing bigger nights with Chiptune sets mashed up with Amiga mods, sweaty Electro and Techno around the European underground club nights.

The result of all these years experimenting with music and different computer platforms are more than 50 dates that brought him to DJ at prestigious Demoparties like Evoke (2013) and Revision (2014), Clubs like Berghain Kantine, WMF or Tresor in Berlin and festivals around Europe like Transmediale in Germany, Gogbot in the Netherlands, Lunchmeat in Prague and countless underground club nights in Milano, Oslo, Copenhagen, Rotterdam, Prague and Berlin.



Trippy H

A true Techno critter of the night and a recent newcomer to the Berliner underground party scene. He comes from Chile and he was recently discovered by Bleepstreet agents at the 8bitVomit party series in Kreuzberg pounding a wild techno and electro set straight from his Gameboys synced to an Electribe groovebox from which he delivers his personal sound manifesto. Since that night he has been playing at Bleepstreet parties and producing his debut EP.

At the same time he is also busy promoting live analog driven party nights under the Mechatronika collective he co-runs with friends in Berlin. Pure Gameboy-Acid-Techno-Underground-Powa!


Saturday & Sunday Music

Jerobeam Fenderson (Ordia Muszc - Graz, Austria)

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Jerobeam Fenderson visualizes electronic sounds and noise patterns with an analogue oscilloscope. In an attempt to get the closest possible correlation of image and sound, these compositions are not only designed for their aural components, but also take into account their shape, as the oscilloscope shows an exact representation of the physical waveforms. / SoundCloud / YouTube

Lug00ber (Dub Monkey Records - Oslo, Norway)


On the after-compo night, we got basshead and breakbeat afficionado lug00ber to keep you raving. For over a decade he has been championing the sound of powerful bass and massive beats, providing soundtracks for a string of great demos and releasing music through Dub Monkey Records and Nordic Breakbeat Conspiracy (yes, they got their own label too). Back in his home town of Oslo, Norway, he is also a resident DJ at the weekly SubPub night at underground club Maksitaksi.
Expect a soulful selection of nice and rolling tunes fit for a summer night, with some occasional thwacks from the Norse bass hammer in between to keep you on your toes. Put on your dancing shoes and share the after compo buzz with us and lug00ber. (Photo courtesy by Greger Stolt-Nilsen) / soundcloud

Nodepond (Cologne, Germany)


Nodepond from Cologne will play some relaxed and powerful tunes, mostly from the 1990s, circling around electronic listening sounds, electro, music experiments, textures and beats. His set is rooted in electronic music and sound exploration, and will feature some colored vinyls, some rarities and maybe some obscurities as well. Nodepond pioneered some of the first netlabels on the web (2063music, octagone and nubiproof) and was a supporter of the netlabel subsource from day one. Back in the days, he was online unter the moniker 020200. Nowadays he runs the PureData User-Group in Cologne and is part of the Dingfabrik maker-space - currently putting together peole who are able to make music with people who are able to make things. He feels that vinyl is a very enjoyable form of experiencing music and will provide some 1990s-electronic-music-context for the sceners.


Black Maiden Hi-Fi (Cologne/Bielefeld, Germany)


Black Maiden Hi-Fi are Faxe and Dipswitch from the same named demo- and ansi-group. Since nearly a decade, they occasionally team up and spin roots reggae, uk dub, and other bass-heavy music they both enjoy. At Evoke, they will play some records on Sunday morning to help you recover from the night before.





The demoscene as subject to academic teaching and research

Saturday, 12:00


As academia focuses more and more on the research of digital media, it is not surprising that the demoscene has become a subject of interest, too. This year the bachelor students in media studies at the University of Siegen had the chance to be part of a seminar on Digital Art organized by Judith Ackermann that gave insights into the demoscene as well. The students were quite amazed by the theme and decided to use the semester break to give this year’s evoke a visit. On Saturday they will talk about their experiences in the seminar, give insight into current research projects dealing with the demoscene and discuss ideas of how to integrate demos even more into the curriculum of Germany’s media degree courses.

Collabs + CC + Collecting Society = C3S!

Saturday, 13:00

C3S: Wolfgang Senges (Foto by Barbara Senges-cc-by-nc-sa) & m.eik

The C3S slot will be just what you make it...  Wolfgang & m.eik are giving you a treat of a next generation collecting society – the Cultural Commons Collecting Society (C3S SCE)

It's a collaborative approach, a co-operative association. C3S SCE is not neglecting but supporting free licenses like Creative Commons. Musicians finally can pick the license they want for their specific tune and purpose – CC or all rights reserved. All the administrative fuss will be managed by C3S SCE.

So it's the best of both worlds. Free and individual licensing & sharing, and non-exclusive collection of fees for anything you specified as non-free.

The session starts with a (real short) intro, then it's up to you to throw your most burning questions & wildest ideas at m.eik & Wolfgang. Whatever comes up, rest assured it will be discussed and absorbed to be part of, a use case for, or a warning for what to avoid in this new and organic breed of sharing and licensing.

Only a few days later, on 22nd and 23rd August, C3S SCE comes together for a barcamp in Düsseldorf and their first ever general assembly in Cologne.

VGA EveryWhere : Bitbanging Video on a Microcontroller

Saturday, 16:00


Now that you can’t even get a phone anymore with less than 1Ghz clock and quadcore processors demos are kind of lame. Why not run your demo on a coffee machine? Matthias Krauß and Tim Becker are the makers of the Everykey, a Cortex M3 based stamp-sized microcontroller board that’s roughly comparable to Arduino. After they got bored just making LEDs blink, building kinetic sculptures and automating foosball tables a new challenge was required: bitbanging VGA. Bah! It’s been done before. We’ll have an introductory talk explaining how VGA works and can be generated by software, anyone still awake afterwards will have the opportunity to solder together and program their own VGA demo hardware. Or just watch them trying to get a VGA signal out of a coffee machine.

Dissecting Odyssey & Hardwired by Fasih Sayin (Crytek Istanbul)

Saturday, 19:00

Fasih Sayin hardwired odyssey2

In this session we're taking a look at the narrative in demos and what narrative can achieve in a demo by comparing two classic demos. Hardwired (Silents & Crionics) and Odyssey (Alcatraz). These two demos were competing in the same year and the competition was won by Odyssey, even though it was the technologically less impressive demo. We'll try to find out the reason why by making a beat by beat comparison of the implied or overt narratives of these videos. This process will yield valuable lessons to be utilized in future works."

About Fasih

Besides being a game designer, Dr. Fasih Sayin is also a lawyer specializing in criminology and forensics, an award-winning author of short stories and poems, and the vocalist of a local heavy metal band. But his career in law and video games started as a criminal, for he was raised by software pirates in the heartland of Turkey. He's now on a quest for redemption, trying to buy every single game he once played without paying. He's been working freelance for a number of board game and video game companies as a game design consultant. He joined Crytek formally in 2012 as a game designer and is now working on Warface. Sayin is a Turkish guy who graduated from what's technically a catholic high school, followed by the Marmara University Faculty of Law. He then studied cinema at Plato Academy of Cinema, finished his M.A. thesis on interactive narrative structures and his Ph.D. thesis on the role of the audience in interactive narratives. He used to and still occasionally teaches advanced narratology, at several universities in Turkey.