Evoke 2005
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food & drinks

At Evoke 2005 we will have a catering service run by Karl Broich Catering. Except during night hours (0200-0900) you may buy a large variety of food, soft drinks and cold beer.

Rolls with cheese, ham, turkey breast or salami 2,00 Eur
Croissant with cheese (and ham) 2,50 Eur
Large Frankfurter with potato salad 4,50 Eur
Large Frankfurter with bread 3,00 Eur
Meatball with potato salad 3,50 Eur
Meatball with bread 2,00 Eur
Schnitzel with potato salad 5,50 Eur
Schnitzel with bread 4,00 Eur
Vegetarian Lasagna with vegetable sauce 6,50 Eur
Potato soup and bread 3,00 Eur
Chili con carne and bread 4,50 Eur
Salat from the salat bar (small portion) 3,50 Eur
Salat from the salat bar (large portion) 7,50 Eur
Apple pie 2,50 Eur
Mineral water (1 liter) 2,50 Eur
Coke, Sprite (1 liter) 3,00 Eur
Beer (0,33 liter) 1,00 Eur
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