Just set your Tom Tom, iPhone, or other preferred navigation device to the following address:

Christian Sünner Strasse 8
51103 Köln

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Please notice: the location is situated in the Cologne Low-Emission zone, requiring a badge to enter. Fines may be up to 80 Euro. Badges can be ordered online.


Take the train to Köln-Messe/Deutz. There are several cheap rates offered by Die Bahn: e.g. the Schöner-Tag-Ticket (discounts for 5 persons, but only inside Northrhine-Westphalia, and only on work-days) or the Gruppe&Spar (drive in groups with at least six persons, discount up to 70%). Also there is Savings fare (Sparpreise). If you're planning to come via train from abroad, simply check the homepage of your national train company.

Köln HBF (Cologne Central Station) → Köln-Messe/Deutz

Depending on where you come from you can just stay seated, for many trains arriving at the central station in Cologne Köln-Deutz is the next stop (or the stop before the main station). Be sure to check your train schedule though. If you really have to get out at Köln HBF to take a look at the cathedral, try this to get to Köln-Deutz: Take the S6 or S12. After two or three minutes you will arrive at Köln-Messe/Deutz. Exit there. The tickets for this trip are called "Cityticket 1b". They cost 2,60 Euro, you should have coins handy.

Köln-Messe/Deutz → Partyplace

Once you arrived at Köln-Messe/Deutz go down to the subway and watch for signs that advertise lines 1 or 9. Take one of these Trains (direction Bensberg or Königsforst)) and exit at Kalk-Kapelle. Exit the station on the right in direction of travel, take a sharp right turn and go straight ahead into the Wiersbergstraße. After a minute of walking you should see an iron fence gate across the street, pass through it on the left side to enter the industrial area, where the Abenteuerhallen ("AH" over the entrance) is located on your right side.

Another option is to take the bus line 150 (direction "Heinrich-Bützler-Straße") and exit at the stop "Christian-Sünner-Straße" right in front of the Abenteuerhallen. The bus leaves every 30 minutes and you only have to get a short trip ticket (Kurzstrecke), which costs 1,90€.

Mobile & Apps

The local transport association VRS has a mobile version of the timetable online. In addition they offer Apps for both iPhone and Android devices.



Busses are a cheap way to get around in Europe. If you don't fear a long voyage and want to come to Evoke for a more than reasonable price, this might be something for you. There are many smaller bus companies reaching Cologne from all parts of Europe, but the most important is probably Eurolines, which has dependencies in 25 countries, including most eastern Europe ones. Check out if your country is among them and make sure to book your tickets early to get some possible discounts.

The busses from Eurolines, as well as most other international ones, arrive at the central bus station, which is located right behind the central train station (Hauptbahnhof). Enter the train station and get to the partyplace as described above.


Cologne is a major hub for several national bus lines like Flixbus. Please use a bus search engine to find lowest fares from your location.


Cologne can be reached by plane at very reasonable prices from nearly every major city in Europe. 

Airport Köln Bonn

The Köln/Bonn airport (CGN) is a destination for several low fare airlines:

  • Eurowings offers cheap flights (starting at 17 eur one-way) to Cologne from more than 90 cities from all over Europe. Among those is Stockholm, Riga, Budapest, Istanbul, Athens, Lisbon, Madrid, Roma and several others.
  • TUIfly offers flight directly to Köln/Bonn as well. Check them out especially if you're planning to come from Italy and Spain, as they fly from many of these coutries' cities.
  • Ryanair also offers flights from several destinations such as London, Berlin, Copenhagen and several southern european cities.
  • If you are coming from London easyJet might be interesting for you.
  • Wizz Air offers flights from two Polish cities directly to Cologne, as well as from Geneva and London.

If you arrive at Köln/Bonn airport you should take the S13 or RE8 towards Köln. When you reach Trimbornstrasse, continue your trip to the Evoke location as outlined here. You could take the subway for one station (Kalk-Post to Kalk-Kapelle) or walk down the Kalker Hauptstrasse a bit and turn right). The whole trip costs 2,40 Eur ("CityTicket 1b"). If you travel with a lot of luggage you might want to stay on the train till Bahnhof Köln Messe/Deutz and continue your travel as described here.

Other Airports

Some of the major airports are in close range to Cologne.

  • From the Düsseldorf airport (DUS) you should take the train to Cologne. The trip takes about 30 minutes and a ticket costs less than 10 €.
  • From the airport Weeze (NRN, especially Ryanair) there is also a bus connection to the Cologne central train station. The trip takes about 2 hours, the ticket costs 21 €. Continue your trip as outlined here.
  • From the airport Frankfurt Hahn (HHN, especially Ryanair) you should take the bus to Cologne. The bus takes a little more than 2 hours and costs 15 €. The bus stops at the central bus station just behind the Cologne main train station. Continue your trip as outlined here.
  • The real Frankfurt airport (FRA) is connected to cologne by a highspeed train (ICE). It takes only 50 minutes from the airport to cologne's central station but as you can imagine the ticket for this connection is rather expensive. Continue your trip as outlined here.

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