Below you find the live timetable for the party (as taken from partymeister). In addition it is available as an iCalendar file to add to your calendar software of choice.


16:00 general Doors open
20:00 event Opening Ceremony


11:00 deadline ANSI/ASCII, ProTracker Tracked Music, OGG/MP3 Music
14:00 compo ANSI/ASCII
15:00 compo ProTracker Tracked Music
15:00 deadline Interactive
17:00 compo OGG/MP3 Music
17:00 deadline Animation, Pixeled/Freestyle Graphics, Alternative Platforms
20:00 compo Pixeled/Freestyle Graphics
20:00 deadline PC 4k Intro, PC 64k Intro, PC Demo
20:30 compo Animation
22:00 compo Interactive
23:00 compo Executables PC 4k / 64k / Demo


00:00 compo Alternative Platforms
08:00 deadline Voting Deadline
13:00 event Prizegiving Ceremony