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Say some words about yourself: handle, groups

My name is Poti. I am in Black Maiden & 5711.

When and where was the first Evoke you visited? When did you join the organizing team?

I founded Evoke with Faxe and some other enthusiasts.

The idea was born during a private meeting of ANSI artists (mainly from Black Maiden) ironically called "Nexus 3 - The second try" in 1996.

We had a lot of fun and considered it a good idea to make the event public and a real demoparty.

What is your job inside the organizing team?

First of all I try to keep everything and everyone connected.

In addition to that I take care of the website and a lot of organizational tasks (e.g. location, gema, insurance).

Plus ordering a lot of stuff: trucks, cars, toilets, wristbands, gaffa and so on. So basically I am a shopping (or renting) addict for Evoke.

Which compo do you enjoy watching the most?

I have to admit – being a former ANSI artist – I really enjoy the rising of this compo in the last years.

In addition to that I am really proud to see the overall quality of the Evoke releases developing so great.

What would be the photo to describe Evoke for you?

Maybe a representative foto like this:

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Do you have a favourite shirt from Evoke?

Helges shirt from 2004 is really one I still like wearing a lot. Though the shirt quality has suffered over the years :)

Three words that describe Evoke best?

woodstock friendship turtle