Say some words about yourself: handle, groups

Hi, I am Nodepond, in the scene since like the early Amiga days but only a passive consumer back then. A netaudio-veteran making (more than one) netlabel since 1999. Currently I am active in the demoscene and my group is Level90.

When and where was the first Evoke you visited?

I visited the first Evoke in 2003. By coincidence. I was in Cologne because of a friend and netaudio-related event. People there were like: „Hey, there is a demoparty going on right now. Do you want to join?“ And I was like: „Awesome, I always wanted to join a demoparty.“ It was a Friedenspark, Cologne in 2003. We attended just like 2 or 3 hours. But since then, I was at every Evoke and the spark hit at Evoke 2006. I am a regularly hardcore visitor of Evoke and never missed a party.

When did you join the organizing team?

I think I am the youngest active organizer at Evoke. I joined the orga-team in 2016 officially, but made lots of support and media-art stuff at Evoke since about 2010 or so.

What made you join the organizing team?

Well, after 10 years of enjoying Evoke so much, it seems like a fair move to join the orga-team.

What is your job inside the organizing team?

Build up, tear down, doing the infodesk. Incentive people, bring new people on. Enjoying the vibe. And currently also handling „The Seminars“. Entertainment here and there. Party, until it’s too late.

Which compo do you enjoy watching the most?

Evoke compos are always special - that is for sure. I think, most influential for me were the compos of 4k and PC demo of Evoke since we moved to the Abenteuerhallen Kalk. And the music compos hold during daytime at that holy place. That vibe of the music compos in the Abenteuerhallen I mostly enjoy the most.

Not to mention my first own demoproductions that ever made it to the bigscreen: at Evoke!

Is there a demo/intro/... released at Evoke you love the most?

„Die Ewigkeit Schmerzt“ by Neuro was an eye-opener in so many senses…

What would be the photo to describe Evoke for you?

Unfortunately I lost my photos from 2016... But this gfx also describes it very well.

nodepond evk15 pixelcompo dreamin in code 

Do you have a favourite shirt from Evoke?

evoke shirts

What would be your most memorable moment at Evoke?

Enjoying „Die Ewigkeit Schmerzt“ by Neuro at Evoke 2006. Every waking moment after that. And waking up after a very bad, but deep sleep on the evoke-tables.

The outside dancefloor of Evoke 2013-16 were exceptionally good. At night times but also remarkable during morning times. Quite intense. The best party you can get.

And making that 4 meter high-cardboard-scuplure with projection mapping on it (called youCube) at Evoke 2012 left also a deep impression for me.

Besides Evoke, what is your next favorite demoparty?

Haha, you must be kidding. There are so many. Revision and Outline score much high, but also Deadline seems to be an interesting new kid on the block.

Three words that describe Evoke best?

Family, Cologne, Wildstyle.

Is there anything else that you always wanted to say about Evoke?

Evoke has always been a special party. Not only for me. I know so many people, who do not go demoparties on a regular basis, but schedule Evoke as a must have experience year after year - there must be something special about Evoke!