Say some words about yourself: handle, groups

faxe, blackmaiden/5711

When and where was the first Evoke you visited?

I visited the pre Evoke Party Nexus II at my grandmas place, so you can say I was there from before the beginning.

When did you join the organizing team?

Poti and I founded the orga team as we started to put together the first evoke in 1997.

What made you join the organizing team?

When you want to organize a party you need an organizing team, so we made one.

What is your job inside the organizing team?

Doing audio and streaming things in the beamteam, taking care of technical things for the liveact. Beameraufhängen. Steigerfahren.

Which compo do you enjoy watching the most?

Always the demo compo, there is no better feeling than experiencing it from the bridge with the other people of the beamteam.

Is there a demo/intro/... released at Evoke you love the most?

There is not one demo that I like most, every edition of the party has its highlights.

What would be the photo to describe Evoke for you? 

Do you have a favourite shirt from Evoke?

No, that would be too hard to decide on.

What would be your most memorable moment at Evoke?

Any prizegiving ceremony is memorable as it gives me the best feeling of the whole party. Extreme pleasure of being part of something great mixed with the dread of tearing the whole place down and having to wait a year to do it all again.

Besides Evoke, what is your next favorite demoparty?

Outline for being the perfect hangout/socialising party and <EasterPartyName> for being the main demoscene event of the year.

Three words that decribe Evoke best?

Doing things differently

Is there anything else that you always wanted to say about Evoke?

Being a part of it from the beginning and for half my life I can't imagine a life without Evoke, and I don't want to imagine it differently anyway :)