Say some words about yourself: handle, groups

avenger / black maiden • mean scheme • plf • awe • fire • zenith design • dream theatre … 

When and where was the first Evoke you visited?

My first Evoke was the first Evoke!

When did you join the organizing team?


What made you join the organizing team?

The team, the friends, creating a party together.

What is your job inside the organizing team?

Visuals, Graphics Compo, generally helping out, cleaning the floor.

Which compo do you enjoy watching the most?

ANSI, 4k, 64k, Demo!

Is there a demo/intro/... released at Evoke you love the most?

Hard to pick … generally the ones which break out of the aesthetics clichés a bit:noodlesoup by holon, 2019 – Brainstorm, väre – Brainstorm, muoto by Traction, some kolor demos, some still demos

Do you have a favourite shirt from Evoke?

I have worn every evoke shirt until it fell apart.

Is there anything else that you always wanted to say about Evoke?