Pang of Nostalgia: Now what? or: How to use an Amiga in 2015

Sebastian Bergmann

Saturday, 13:00 Seminar Room on second level

amiga seminar sebastian bergmann

I mothballed (figuratively, not literally) my Amiga 1200 in August 1998. Over the years I often wondered what it would take to "resurrect" this machine that enkindled my love for programming and connect it to modern peripherals such as LCD screens or WLAN networks, for instance.

In March 2015, after being hit by yet another pang of nostalgia, I decided to finally start the project of putting my Amiga 1200 to use again. Little did I know what this would entail ... This session
chronicles my personal experience of getting an Amiga to run -- and keeping it running -- 30 years after the original release of the Amiga.


By day, Sebastian Bergmann helps development teams as a consultant to successfully craft the right software using PHP. By night, he enjoys Amiga retrocomputing and Lego macro photography as well as hacking on open source software. During the Amiga's heyday he coded doors for AmiExpress and FAME. He also dabbled in ASCII art as well as music composition and remixing with ProTracker. The last time he attended a scene event before Evoke 2015 was in 2000 (Radwar 2K).


Tips and Techniques For Efficient and Impressive Animations

Alexander Lehmann / @alexlehmannfilm /

Saturday, 16:00 Seminar Room on second level


Creating animated short films, music videos and demos is an extremely complex process. Between a concept and the final release many fields of filmmaking and design needs to be mastered and applied.

In this session Alexander will show and explain the workflow which he developed to create impressive animations on a tight budget of both time and funds.

We will look at fun and time efficient processes and techniques that allows you to become a self-employed "one man 3D army". Alexander will also cover how he started his animation studio and how the demoscene has always played a role in it.


Alexander Lehmann entered the world of graphic design as a level designer and 3D modeler for games. After working as a professional freelancer on a series of well-known games (Unreal Tournament 2004, Crysis) and after finishing his apprenticeship as a Design Assistant his interrest shifted to short films and music videos.

In 2005 he began to study at the university of applied sciences in Kaiserslautern which he finished with a Bachelor Degree in 'virtual design'. In 2009 he worked as a digital artist at ImageEngine on “District 9”.

Since 2010 he has worked as a freelance filmmaker, directing and animating music videos (Noisia, Hybris) and short films and commercials (Deutsche Telekom).


Live Acts


Friday to Saturday, 00:00

sshires 1

Goto80 is a Swedish old media artist and researcher who works with music and text. He was one of the pioneers of the new 8-bit music movement in the 1990s, after starting in the demoscene, and now makes music for performances and records, games, demos, movies and art projects. Goto80's music is like a low-res explosion of styles, ranging from lush ambient and cheesy pop to furious datapunk and complex beats. // soundcloud // chipflip blog



Saturday to Sunday, 01:00


On the after-compo night, we got basshead and breakbeat afficionado lug00ber to keep you raving. For over a decade he has been championing the sound of powerful bass and massive beats, providing soundtracks for a string of great demos and releasing music through Dub Monkey Records and Nordic Breakbeat Conspiracy (yes, they got their own label too). Back in his home town of Oslo, Norway, he is also a resident DJ at the weekly SubPub night at underground club Maksitaksi.
Expect a soulful selection of nice and rolling tunes fit for a summer night, with some occasional thwacks from the Norse bass hammer in between to keep you on your toes. Put on your dancing shoes and share the after compo buzz with us and lug00ber - this year a bit earlier, so that you won't miss the breakbeat master! (Photo courtesy by Greger Stolt-Nilsen) // soundcloud



Saturday, 18:00

ronnypries 1361397754 93

Ronny literary brings the noise. This time without the raving bells and whistles. For Evoke he's going to undust his moniker rktic from the Thinner days and play a deep house and dubtechno set. It'll be the first rktic appearance after a hiatus of 3 years. // soundcloud mix



Friday, 23:00


Lord/Spreadpoint was born 1974 near Frankfurt/Germany and as many of his peers thrown into the early age of home computers. Atari VCS2600 was followed by C64, then by Commodore Amiga, where he earned some fame in the cracker-/demoscene. Having Talla 2xlc’s Techno Club nearby in the late 1980s/early 1990s had a certain effect on his musical preferences beside scene music. After studying visuals arts as a highly gifted he merged music and visual arts with the help of teachers like Luca Ancilotti/Snap. Nowadays he lives, works and teaches as a free artist in Frankfurt. Lord will present a dark electronic live ambient concert with visuals and special hardware to celebrate the demo scene with the Evoke audience on Friday night. // video // video



Friday to Saturday, 01:00


Bullet, born lucky in 1975, was able to experience the late 80’s and complete 90’s with all their temptations. In the demo scene he established himself in the pre-internet time as distributor of 3.5" diskettes, initially for smaller groups such as The Lordz or Prestige, later he joined Lego together with his buddies Decca and Rackler. Along with the scene he developed a deep love for Frankfurt trance and techno sound which lasts until today. Clubs like legendary Dorian Gray, Omen or U60311 became his second home and shaped the desire to act behind the turntables. In addition to several residents in local clubs performances in the Palazzo in Bingen and Euro Palace Wiesbaden as well as several tours inside Germany fill his biography. He also was resident at one of the first internet radios ( during weekly cyber night. Bullet represents and lives for the trance and techno sound of the 90s.




Sunday, 11:00


Black Maiden Hi-Fi are Faxe and Dipswitch from the same named demo- and ansi-group. Since nearly a decade, they occasionally team up and spin roots reggae, uk dub, and other bass-heavy music they both enjoy. At Evoke, they will play some records on Sunday morning to help you recover from the night before. (Photo courtesy by Luisa)