Preselection at Evoke

In compos which are potentially crammed like the music compos, preselection is a necessary evil. Of course it is understandable that every participant wants to present his song over the party's PA to the audience. Yet it is not much of a benefit if the audience is not longer receptive after the half of the compo - assuming that all entered songs gets played. Evoke's MP3/OGG compo attracts between 30 and 50 entries each year, and playing all of them would not only weary the audience, but also make our timetable explode. 

So, preselection is inevitable. Yet, we at Evoke want to make this process as transparent and fair as possible, so that your entries get an equal chance. We believe that as a musician who invests hard work into a song, you deserve to have detailed insight into the preselection mechanism.

The following preselection model is used at Evoke for music compos with over 15-16 entries (such as the MP3/OGG compo): 

tried, tested and approved.