evoke 2002


coming from the a3 (north) or a4 (east), drive on the B44A at the corner "Kreuz Köln-Ost", leading towards cologne center.

exit the B44A at "Köln-Messe" and follow the green sign (if you pass the rhine, you are probably too far)

you are now on the "Pfälzischer Ring". just follow the street, which becomes "Deutz-Mühlheimer-Strasse" just after some meters (you should pass the fair center of cologne for quite some time).

after you have crossed a railway bridge you will pass the tram station "Deutz/Kölnarena"

after that take the next possibility to turn left into "Deutz-Kalker Strasse"

still on "Deutz-Kalker Strasse" you will see the "Köln Arena" on the left

follow the main street (slightly right), where you will pass the bus and tram-station "Deutz-Kalker Bad"

pass the "Betzdorfer Straße" (which is to the right)

take the next possibility to drive right, onto "Deutzer Ring"

after 500 meters drive right again

now you are on the fh area, follow the street till the parking kit.

get your stuff upstairs and open a beer