2krazy - freak camp

The Freak Camp story begins in the year 2000, when 2step reached Germany for the first time. Two guys from Berlin, 2krazy and J-trex, were fascinated by the dark and bass-heavy version of the new style which should later become known as dubstep, and subsequently decided to start their first party. Five years later at a now-infamous New Years Eve party, the two Freaks met a few more bass-addicts and the project picked up the pace. Having grown to 10 members, the crew put on the first monthly dubstep party in Berlin in January 2006. A radio show on online channel loud-fm.de followed soon after. Since then, the Freak Camp DJs attacked numerous Berlin clubs with heavy assaults, have toured nearly all over Germany and even had a gig in Poland. The present highlight as definitely been the invitation to curate a dubstep night for the renowned visual arts and music festival .Club Transmediale. in February 2007. The Camp keeps steadily evolving; members are currently working own their own music, have been seen repairing bass bins or are planning new parties - always according to the credo:
You have to feel the bass!

disrupt - jahtari

pic by Matthias H. Risse  / risse.org After a few years of experimenting around with the most different equipment and styles (from Gabba over Digital Hardcore to Electronica) I finally came to love Dub and Reggae with all my heart. Thanks to Christoph mostly. From the lack of money and other possibilies came the idea of doing Dub myself with just the tool at hand - a cheap laptop.
The first attempts on tracks in this veine were released in May 2004 on the highly recommended PHONOCAKE netlabel as the 'A Fistful Of Dub'-EP. This release turned out to become a small surprise hit which gave enough motivation for us to pursue the whole thing further on and eventually start our own JAHTARI label in Nov 2004. Since then JAHTARI and the concept behind it virtually exploded in many ways.

First of all a supernice network of fellow musicians from all over the globe who produce their music in a kind of similar approach started to develop and is rapidly extending still. Lots of great and - in a way - even new stuff came from that. Our bunch of releases in the funny NET-7" format or on NET-EPs, of which I supplied a few, found a huge number of people who to seem like our sound and approach a lot. At least the crazy download numbers and the feedback we get hint to that. A wave of gigs and even a surprising amount of media interest followed.

lotek style

Growing up in the 80s, Stefan Benz aka Lotek Style wasn't only influenced by its music but also by the burgeoning homecomputer scene. He was fascinated by early video games and demos - works of digital art produced by groups of enthusiasts across the world, all trying to push their machine to it's very limits. Fastforward to 2003 and Stefan is still contributing to the scene, still pushing his now antiquated Atari ST and Falcon to the edge, and there's no doubt that this part of his life has a big influence on his music and lyrics which are often in a hacker-related context.

In 1991, Stefan took his first musical steps under the moniker MC Laser. He started to play out at raves across Germany and also began to experiment with production, putting tracks together using his Atari ST and Noisetracker software. And so Lotek Style continues to follow this path, fueled by a heady mix of cyberpunk literature (William Gibson and Bruce Sterling for example), acid house, techno, and, of course, Atari. When Lotek isn't making, playing, or listening to music, he's maybe doing some webdesign, or ASCII-art, where the computer font is the pencil _/\_.

mo. - phlow

Moritz Sauer aka mo. appreciates electronic music since his childhood days, being fed recorded tapes full of C-64 music already by his parents. Lateron, techno was the thing of his choice. The electronic music capital Cologne proved to be a fertile ground for the netlabel activist and his own productions. Nowadays mo. mainly runs his music and culture zine Phlow.net, covering the worldwide netlabel- and netaudio-scene. Yet, his DJ activities have never ceased. Through the worldwide data-highway, mo.'s netaudio-mixes found their way to numberous playlists and radiostations. Especially his "Das Netaudio Mix Tape" series enjoys high popularity and shows his dedication to broken beats and thick basslines.

blausand & ruthene

After a decade of collecting knowledge and experience in the fields of visuals and audio, blausand resiled to the hardware lab, where, together with Beatsurfers, he built the perfect VJ-console. which got much appreciation at the VJ-Convention at MediaPark in 2004. In the same year, he performed his first widescreen-liveact during the "Interior-Design-Passagen" festival together with Sirious and the lights-designer Heileight. In the summer of 2005, the trio blausand - Sirious - Beatsurfers made the next big step by illuminating the festival centre of c/o-pop with six projectors through wi-fi - battle-VJing with 1.2 megapixels! Since the foundation of the Silvertree production company, the focus finally lies on composition again, and for this year's Evoke one can expect a all-shining brandnew funky VJ set together with Ruthene, who privides supreme 3D modelling skills and a fine sense for all things audiovisual.