Every year in August it is time to enjoy some days of summer in Cologne. Join us in our annual celebration of Demos, Intros, Wilds and the Demoscene in general in Köln-Kalk. Like the previous years we will again meet up in the AbenteuerhallenKALK on the weekend from 12th to 14th of August to enjoy digital art, music, the barbecue and (last but not least) the company of all you folks that share the same mind.


The regular ticket is available at 35 Euro. You can buy it at the door or in advance with a print@home ticket. There are no single day tickets, and no rebates if you come earlier, later or without a computer. Please notice that this is neither a gaming event nor a leech/copy party. If these are what you are looking for, you better stay at home.

Long distance discount

If you happen to travel more than 700 km to Evoke you qualify for the long distance discount. We only can grant you this discount if you apply for it in advance. Please use the contact form.

Supporter Ticket

You can buy a supporter ticket if you'd like to help Evoke. You will receive a correct invoice for your payment and a shirt once you arrive at the party. The price for the ticket is 200 Euro. Either contact us in advance if you would like to buy this ticket. Or you can order the ticket in advance

Younger than 18

If you are younger than 18 and consider to visit Evoke, then please note that we highly appreciate that, but because of legal issues, we can not let you into the party place without a declaration of consent filled out by your parents. Please get in touch with us and we'll provide you with the necessary info.


The official invitation "True Colors" for Evoke 2016 from Still was released at Revision (and ranked 4th in the PC demo compo). Download at or discuss at Made by Pixtur and Lucid with love and  



LANG AG is one of Europe’s leading wholesalers – for hire and for sale – of visual presentation technology. The company founded in 1978 established itself in the market with slide shows and made a name through creative developments. Continuously they pick promising innovations and support and promote them up to their successful use. In this sense they had a substantial share in the establishing DMD technology.

Viprinet Europe

Since 2006, Viprinet has been manufacturing innovative network components. Viprinet is the inventor of a patented technology which really aggregates bandwidths of different wide area network connections (xDSL, cable, mobile, or satellite). Today, about 50 employees develop, produce, and sell Viprinet products worldwide from Bingen am Rhein in Germany. An additional sales office opened in Sunnyvale, California, in early 2015. With its SD-WAN solutions, based on an unrivalled VPN tunnel technique, Viprinet allows for an entirely new kind of connection for stationary as well as for mobile sites – highly available, fast and cost-effective. The congenial Viprinet principle provides reliability and increased data transfer rates. 

Sustainability is a pivotal topic in the corporate philosophy and appears in the length of the product life cycles, in the production which only uses regenerative energy, and in the low energy consumption of Viprinet devices. All Viprinet products are made in Germany and fulfill the highest standards of security and confidentiality.


Vire is a native advertising platform for 3D, virtual & augmented reality games. Ever seen a beverage bottle of a famous brand in your favorite sitcom on TV? Vire applies the same principle of branded objects to 3D experiences with a focus on the emerging virtual and augmented reality technologies.


One Core. One Query Language. Multiple data models. ArangoDB is an open-source NoSQL database to work with documents, key/value pairs and graphs . ArangoDB can be extended to your needs with it´s Google V8 based JavaScript framework Foxx. Scale vertically and horizontally with ease.

Headup Games

Headup Games are an independent games publisher located near Cologne in Germany awarded as Best German Publisher in 2012 and 2013 by the German Developers Association. Together with their partners, they focus on the contentment of their customers and the best gameplay experience delivered at the fairest price-quality ratio. Since their foundation, they have published over 100 games, including many projects from highly talented developers that are known for their potential and creativity. Their portfolio features high-quality games such as Super Meat Boy, The Inner World, The Binding of Isaac, Terraria, Limbo, The Basement Collection, Grotesque Tactics, Q.U.B.E., Frozen Synapse and many more as well as the million sellers #1 iOS Hits The Inner World, Bridge Constructor and Bridge Constructor Playground. More information can be found at


Radikant is a corporate design and branding agency from Cologne and that loves working for technology, consulting and other knowledge-intensive businesses.
Whenever you want to launch a new company or product, your company wants to grow or needs a rebrand, they help you in three ways:

  • They visualize your unique strengths
  • They make complex offerings easy to understand
  • They make sure that your brand is expressed in a consistent and attractive way in all your touchpoints

Talk to them to find out more!

Stiegler Legal

"Stiegler Legal" is the German lawfirm behind Frank "Netpoet" Stiegler, residing in Frankfurt. Frank's specialty is IT law, ranging from IT project contract to privacy matters, from IP (e.g. trademarks, Internet domains) to copyrights, from licensing to business terms. In German and English, Frank focuses on plain-text wording in everything he does.


HarikaZen was founded in 2013, and is currently creating Amiga ascii influenced designs for t-shirts, stickers, and high quality prints. Follow them on Facebook and @HarikaZen on Twitter.

Data Airlines

Data Airlines is a music label founded in 2007 and rooted in the demoscene that aims to bring authentic subcultural electronic music to a broader audience and selection of medias. Instead of focusing on a genre, the aim of Data Airlines is to challenge traditional views of technological obseletion while staying true to the values inherited from the demo and chiptune scenes, proving that DIY can also be a synonym for consistent quality.


SceneSat Radio aims to play the best music from every corner of the scene and related stuff. That would be game remixes, game soundtracks, demotracks, netlabels, tracks from music compos at demoparties, different platforms, etc. They will provide you with a live radio- and video-stream from this years Evoke.

Digitale Kultur e.V.

Evoke is organized by Digitale Kultur e.V. The association aims at supporting the demoscene with a special focus on activities in Germany.