Evoke 2013

2013/08/16-18 - AbenteuerHallenKALK, Cologne


Steffen Kaus: Amiga demo style GFX without coding

Saturday 13:00

A quick walkthrough in re-creating the look of old school realtime GFX with the techniques of modern VISUAL EFFECTS SOFTWARE.
I would like to show a "reverse-engineering approach" to an amiga bootblock demo by using the film-compositing software Nuke. Nuke can be called first-choice in the VFX industry today.
But to get the style of the old days, you sometimes have to take a long way round:
A lot of elements (like a simple copper-bar) need to run through 3d space to achieve the desired effect, and have to be rendered back to low-res RGB to look crappy enough
This is a completely different approach to creating a "demo" - NO CODE, JUST NODES
And yes - it definitely lacks realtime :)

Friedrich Kirschner: Digital Live Performance

Saturday 16:00

How can realtime animation work in a theatre context? And how can provide tools for actors and directors that go beyond pretty stage-visuals, but actually impact the way we tell stories using live computer graphics? Using Examples and demos of my own work and software, I would like to invite you to discuss interactive realtime graphics and its impact on in-the-moment storytelling.
Friedrich Kirschner is a filmmaker, visual artist and software developer. He re-purposes computer games and realtime animation technology to create animated narratives and interactive performances. He is currently a professor for Digital Media and Puppetry at the university of performing arts "Ernst Busch" in Berlin.