Evoke 2013

2013/08/16-18 - AbenteuerHallenKALK, Cologne

Interactive Competition

This is a new competition, in which we want you to explore new types of artforms. Any application that involves human interaction to generate visual and/or audio feedback to the audience is allowed.

Since this is a new compo and we try to engage new platforms we are open to any kind of submission

Please notice: The music composer is not allowed to be registered with a copyright society. This includes - but is not limited to - all member societies of BIEM (take a look at their website for more information). In case of doubts get in touch with us, please.

Get creative and experimental! we embrace any kind of input

  • Keyboard, mouse, gamepad
  • Wii controler
  • Kinect
  • Trackpad

Examples of interactive applications:

  • Games
  • Interactive demos
  • Responsive/Narrating story-telling
  • Music disks
  • Experimental visualization of user input


  • Every platform is allowed
  • Must not been released before
  • We endorse you to present it live in the competition
  • A microphone will be provided for additional commenting
  • Maximum running time: 5 minutes
  • Please contact us if:
    • you need or bring special hardware other than our compo pc
    • Especially if you provide a video signal other than dvi or composite
  • We will show the usual output on the bigscreen and also the interaction on a second display
  • Executable will be released