Demo Competitions

Please notice: The music composer is not allowed to be registered with a copyright society. This includes - but is not limited to - all member societies of BIEM (take a look at their website for more information). In case of doubts get in touch with us, please.

If you want your demo to be shown in full size you have to make sure it runs in 1920x1080 resolution. Best way to achieve this is to include a resolution and aspect selector in your demo/intro. You can also deliver different executables of your 4k/64k intro if you have filesize troubles.


  • filesize limit: 64 mb after unzipping
  • maximum running time: 10 Minutes
  • flash animations are not allowed, please submit them into the animation-compo


  • filesize limit: 64k (65536 bytes)
  • maximum running time: 10 Minutes


  • filesize limit: 4096 bytes
  • maximum running time: 10 Minutes

PC Platforms

Windows is currently the only PC platform "supported" by us.
If you plan to release a MacOSX or Linux entry, please contact us *before* the party to make sure we can play it somehow.
Please consider entering a Windows Port of your Demo.
If that is not possible, we cannot guarantee that your demo will be displayed in 16:9 ratio etc.etc...
For any other platform (what we endorse really much), there is the "Alternative Platform" compo in the "wild" section.

Demo Machine

All Windows Demos are running on a
  • A modern Intel MultiCore CPU
  • Equiped with 4GB RAM
  • Graphics card is not yet known, but will be at leat a Nvidia Geforce 285 GTX / 1024 MB
  • Windows 7 32bit with latest patches, drivers and directx.
tried, tested and approved.