Evoke is going to settle – just like last year the Location is going to be the Kulturhalle in Langerwehe which is situated right in between Aachen (Aix la chapelle) and Cologne, close to the Dutch and Belgian border.

The date for Evoke 2000 is just two days earlier than last year: august, 18/19/20. So you may go to both Buenzli (one week before) and LTP (le week-end apres) as well without any problems.

Have a lot of fun!

more information on Evoke 2000

Finally before Mekka/Symposium we managed to get our new website and "home" finished. With a little help from Noize (Graphics) and Jar (Assistance) the basic design was finished within some hours. Contrary to this, the planned database for photos and reports couldn´t be finished in time – we will do that at a later point.

And yes! We already got some first hot information on the fourth edition of our little demo-party which is not going to change much. Nice atmosphere, great compos and a wonderful audience. erleben.

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