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We will open doors at 1800 (might be a little bit earlier, though) – all other important information can be found at our  timetable.

The entrance fee will be raised just a little to ensure higher pricemoney for the compos. This means that we will ask for 45,00 DM (22,00 EUR). People from countries far away will get in for 30,00 DM (15,00 EUR) – contact in advance for further information, please. Foreign money will not be accepted! Girls and Mat/Ozone will get in for free.

Due to the pretty good expieriences in the recent years concerning the compo-rules, they remain rather unchanged.  Trojan (Kolor) is going to be the main compo-organizer for this year. Just like last year there will be 100% public voting for all compos. We will give away all the money which is left after paying our expences as price-money right at the party.  more

You may contact us through our general email-adress . Please adress questions concerning compo-rules to the mentioned compo-organizer.

Evoke 2000 – erleben. The party is going to take place august, 18/19/20 in the Kulturhalle, Langerwehe (Germany).

About 180 sceners showed up at the – most probably – last Evoke for some time. Thanx a lot to all of you for making it a really cool party.
We are going to update this page soon, with all the releases, photos, reports and alike from the last 4 years in a database... be patient :)

Meanwhile you can download the official results  here.
You can find releases at,, or
Photos shot at Evoke 2000 are available at  Slenpung or even some more by  Bjoern. And there is even a report by  Crest (German).

Haujobb released a invitation-intro for evoke2000 at assembly2000, you can dowload it  here .

Finally (it´s only 4 weeks to go) the first  infofile (99 kb) on Evoke 2000 got released. Beneath the textual information you will find some add. graphics and a map.
At Mekka/Symposium Kolor released an invitation-demo for Evoke 2000 called  Tavor (5606 kb). Really worth downloading.

Just like last year the location will be the "Kulturhalle" in Langerwehe, which is about 15minutes from Aachen (Aix la chapelle). Aachen is situated only 60km west from Cologne in the most western part of Germany, only some km away from the Dutch and Belgian border. In the Kulturhalle we can provide enough space and tables for all visitors. This includes an sleepinghall. We will try to work something out to offer you a possibility to take showers.  more

WIRELESS For those of you with the wap-mobiles out there we started something really great. Just take a look at for all information needed while going to Evoke 2000.