zabutom [Göteborg/Sweden]

Friday to Saturday, 0:30-1:15


zabutom is an electronic musician with roots in the demoscene. Since the early 00s he's worked with demogroups including Fairlight, Up Rough and Razor 1911. He contributed music to winning demos at parties like Datastorm and Big Floppy People. He's been a frequent collaborator of artist Dubmood, appearing on many of his releases. His music has been released by record labels auch as Data Airlines, Ubiktune and 8bitpeoples. In 2008 he performed at the international chip music festival Blip Festival in New York. He has a degree in Electronic Music Composition, and has received a working grant from the The Swedish Arts Grants Committee in 2015. In 2018 he created official preset sounds for the "Digitone" synthesizer by Elektron Music Machines. At Evoke he will perform a live set of spaced out, melodic electronica with early IDM, chiptune and demoscene vibes. If you have a few hours to spare, ask him about synthesizers!



...more artists to be announced very soon!!!



Shader Showdown

Friday, 19:15 Semi-final 1
Friday, 19:45 Semi-final 2
Friday, 22:00 Final

We're proud to announce that the 4th tournament of the Shader Showdown European Tour will take place later this summer at Evoke demoparty in Cologne, Germany.

Four competitors will be invited to compete for a live 1-on-1 shadercoding tournament. Four coders enter, one coder leaves!

The Showdown will take a bit of a different turn, as it will be held not on stage but in a dedicated area next to Evokes "cozy bar" which will sure as hell become a boiler room – both for the participants and the spectators. 

At Evoke and unlike previous Showdowns, all the battles in the tournament will be fought in a single session on Friday evening, August 17th, 2018.