zabutom [Göteborg/SE]

Friday to Saturday, 0:30-1:15


zabutom is an electronic musician with roots in the demoscene. Since the early 00s he's worked with demogroups including Fairlight, Up Rough and Razor 1911. He contributed music to winning demos at parties like Datastorm and Big Floppy People. He's been a frequent collaborator of artist Dubmood, appearing on many of his releases. His music has been released by record labels auch as Data Airlines, Ubiktune and 8bitpeoples. In 2008 he performed at the international chip music festival Blip Festival in New York. He has a degree in Electronic Music Composition, and has received a working grant from the The Swedish Arts Grants Committee in 2015. In 2018 he created official preset sounds for the "Digitone" synthesizer by Elektron Music Machines. At Evoke he will perform a live set of spaced out, melodic electronica with early IDM, chiptune and demoscene vibes. If you have a few hours to spare, ask him about synthesizers!



Wintermute [Leipzig/DE]

Saturday to Sunday, 1:00-2:30


Florian Förster – aka Wintermute – has made his name in the Drum & Bass scene over the past 10 years with his unique take on the genre. Fusing seemingly disparate styles, his tracks explore junctures of techno- and soul-influenced drum and bass, meandering between high-tech funk and ambient explorations.
Having released on some of the most respected labels in the scene, such as Black Sun Empire’s Blackout Music, Cause4Concern Recordings, Vegas/Bad Company UK’s Bad Taste Recordings, Boundless Beatz and the demoscene-related NoSYS Productions, he made his name synonymous with deep atmospheric, yet gritty dancefloor tracks.
After gaining huge support from the likes of Noisia, Ed Rush & Optical and Black Sun Empire, following the release of the “Edge” EP with long-time collaborators Neonlight on Blackout Music, he continued to push his sound further into new sonic territories. Wintermute’s DJ sets are famous for being diverse and progressive, connecting the dots between sub-genres effortlessly. Having refined his style, he is today working on a couple of new releases scheduled for 2019.



Turboanalisis presents Turbo auf den Turbo [Tilburg/NL]

Friday to Saturday, 23:00-0:30


We demosceners love guilty pleasures and keep embracing old and outdated platforms and systems. Time to embrace old and outdated songs and just like the demoscene; update, tweak and remix them until something awesome happens.  Everything is stolen, that picture? stolen from Revision's site. The sharks? Stole them from an obscure disco supply site. ​Even the weird elektro glitch bounce mash-up remixes are stolen directly from every corner on the internet. Do you have a silly mash-up or remix you'd like to get stolen? Send it to: 


Bassador [Bonn/DE]

Saturday to Sunday, 2:30-4:00

Bassador Bild 1

Bassador, part of the Bonn Better Know collective, is known for playing various styles of bass music since 2010. He has a long-standing Interested in sound design, so you can expect some wicked waves. In his set, Bassador will show you the possibilities of contemporary bass music, ranging from drum'n'bass over footwork and jungle to dub.

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BBQ with Nodepond and Friends (Damian T. Dziwis / Eric Svensen) [Cologne/DE]

Saturday, 18:00-20:00

This BBQ the music will come from Cologne artists to give you the best soundtrack for your bratwurst. Three artists from Cologne will play you music to enjoy the weather and the party.



nodepond bbq web

Nodepond loves demovibes and he also uses the evoke bbq-session, to present some artists from Cologne, that deserve attention for good reasons. He will play an short opening DJ-Set with beats, wildstyle techno and chipmusic and then hand over the faders and buttons to his friends worth to have a good listen.



Damian T. Dziwis

damian t dziwis

Damian T. Dziwis is an media artist active in Cologne and Düsseldorf, with a background in music- and media technology studies. In his studies about music and computers, he came in contact with music one-liners, we also know as Bytebeat (just watch this video here). He was amazed with this approach to make music and even live-acts, so he prepared a live-coding composition, performed on the online art project, that he will also make during this evoke.

By coincidence he met some people from the demoscene. He is very happy to make this live-code performance in the front of the audience „who invented all this crazy code stuff“.

This session will take you into the world of music with one line of code and to live-code musical material within those constraints.



Eric Svensen

eric svensen

Eric Svensen is a very versatile and talented DJ from the techno-scene in Cologne who understands what a good DJ-Set takes. And who is able to play set from slow ambient beginnings to a hell of a techno temple. He is a Member of the boombox-collective, a monthly streaming radio format from Cologne at He released lots of great DJ-Sets at SoundCloud and was also featured by Südstadt Beats, Elektro Kollektiv and Tanzgemeinschaft. He played at Zimmermans and Odonien and lots of different parties and occasions. Together with Nodepond he made a monthly DJ / VJ-Lounge club in Cologne-Mülheim in 2016 - 2017.

He is all about passion for music and also a good guy to hang around with. His sounds are perfection and we would wish to have more like this on the dancefloor.

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DJefke [Lochristi/BE]

Friday to Saturday, 1:15-3:00

DJefke DJ2b

DJefke is usually usually working behind the scenes as a network organizer at parties like Revision, Evoke, Under Construction, Breakpoint and tUM. But this time he will be rocking the decks at Evoke. Expect electronic beats ranging from the oldskool elektro, new beat, house, some 80's, and whatever he digs up from his record crates.


Black Maiden Hi-Fi [Cologne-Zurich/DE^CH]

Sunday, 11:00-12:00


Black Maiden Hi-Fi are Faxe and Dipswitch from the same named demo- and ansi-group. Since nearly a decade, they occasionally team up and spin roots reggae, uk dub, and other bass-heavy music they both enjoy. At Evoke, they will play some records on Sunday morning to help you recover from the night before. (Photo courtesy by Luisa)


Modern Amiga Demo Cross-Development

Hellfire and Noname

beam riders haujobb ghosttown

Hellfire and Noname from Haujobb will share some insights about coding for the Amiga in this Seminar. Based on their experience of jointly creating several Amiga AGA over the years, like the "Beam Riders" demo, they will tell you how they did it and share some tricks of the trade with you

This talk will cover different aspects of the toolchain, such as coding and testing on PC, syncing with Rocket, and compiling for and profiling on Amiga. It is basically a "Beam Riders" making-of, so be there to learn about this incredible demo and how they made it.


Building Poo-Brain 64k Demos with Tool SqrMelon

Tropical Trevor

evoke seminars tropical trevor poobrain

This talk will focus on a few aspects of how Poo-Brain does 64k PC demos. Namely how they try to reduce complexity and improve iteration times, to keep the entire process as free and creative as possible.

Tropical Trevor will show their now open-source tool SqrMelon to to live demonstrate stuff and to show some demos made with that tool. It is also about examples of what decisions can be made to enable a group of people make cooler visuals with less hassle!

Shader Showdown

Friday, 19:15 Semi-final 1
Friday, 19:45 Semi-final 2
Friday, 22:00 Final

We're proud to announce that the 4th tournament of the Shader Showdown European Tour will take place later this summer at Evoke demoparty in Cologne, Germany.

Four competitors will be invited to compete for a live 1-on-1 shadercoding tournament. Four coders enter, one coder leaves!

The Showdown will take a bit of a different turn, as it will be held not on stage but in a dedicated area next to Evokes "cozy bar" which will sure as hell become a boiler room – both for the participants and the spectators. 

At Evoke and unlike previous Showdowns, all the battles in the tournament will be fought in a single session on Friday evening, August 17th, 2018.