Evoke 2013

2013/08/16-18 - AbenteuerHallenKALK, Cologne

Live Acts

To warm you up on Friday, keep you excited on Saturday and then finally finish you off on Sunday in the earliest morning we asked musicians for some help.


(fairlight // säter, sweden)

LIVE // Friday/Saturday ~00:00

Wiklund/Fairlight will do a Gameboy liveset at Evoke 2013 and push the limits of the GB to the max. So what will you expect? Melodic Gameboy Rave.





(bleepstreet records // berlin, germany)

DJ // Saturday/Sunday ~01:00

The sounds come from C64, Amigas & Ataris and the passion comes from the early computer demoscene fanaticism and extensive performing as part of various IDM and electro-constellations through the years. Born in Hamburg, 1976 he discovered the illegal computer scene in Germany and was quite obsessed with it until the mid-90s when he began producing with Amiga computers and focusing primarly on music. Since 2008 he runs Bleepstreet Records and starts DJing and promoting dancefloor chiptune sets mashed up with sweaty electro and techno around European party nights.




(tpolm ^ calodox // paris, france)

LIVE // Friday/Saturday ~23:30

If you're into lush Tech-House and four-to-the-floor beats, expect some good times boarding captain Alkama's ship on friday night! The ticket is your happy face, and a shaking booty! Born in a Moog, raised in the south of France, sent 5000 years ahead to join the TPOLM family and finally, made a nice and sociable human beeing round the Lake Léman by the Calodox brothers, Alkama is about to land a hectic Live Set.




([elek´tro:nik mju:zik] // cologne, germany)

DJ // Friday/Saturday ~22:30

Tomasan lives in Cologne and is part of the [elek´tro:nik mju:zik] crew. He's been deejaying since 2006 and has had gigs all over Europe: from Bucharest to Brighton, Berlin to Rotterdam and Dresden to The Hague. During this time, he's played everywhere from basement clubs and festival tents to a moving train, the rooftop of a mall and the bunker of a medieval castle, as well as local and international radio stations.

His bag is always heavy, as he mostly plays vinyl. Tomasan explores genres from Garage and U.S. House to UK Bass and 2-Step swings. And if the vibe fits – some Rap and Hip Hop too.





(cologne/bonn, germany)

DJs // Friday/Saturday ~01:30

Since 15 years, Roots'n'Fruits is promoting past, present and future dub sounds, edutaining party people in clubs, festivals and illegal raves alongside the river Rhine. At Evoke, the two DJs will show you that deep bass, rootsy vibes and high danceability are by no means mutually exclusive. Cologne dub VJ veteran Echolab will support them with irie visuals.


(moods plateau // erfurt, germany)

DJ // Saturday/Sunday ~02:00

Before typing mnemonics into an assembler was tracking music. And before that, there was Hardcore. Having collected a neat cache of UK Hardcore tunes, d0dge/mdS wants to share with you some of these gems from the Golden Age of Breakbeats.




(cologne, germany)

DJs // Sunday ~10:00

Black Maiden Hi-Fi are Faxe and Dipswitch from the same named demo- and ansi-group. Since nearly a decade, they occasionally team up and spin roots reggae, uk dub, and other bass-heavy music they both enjoy. At Evoke, they will play some records on Sunday morning to help you recover from the night before.