Audio Edition:

Composing music in Renoise by Xerxes.

He will basically take you through his 
production techniques from A to Z - showing how Renoise works, what methods he uses 
to achieve a certain sound, mixing techniques and so on. Even if you allready are an
experience Renoise user, there will be some value to the session.

Saturday 12:30


 Graphical Edition:

At first, there was the Amiga - a glimpse on the start of a 25year career as a graphics artist, by Tobias Richter. His first steps on the Amiga, using DPaint, Videoscape and Reflections - a presentation of some of the creations from back then...

Satuday 16:30

 Special Edition:

One of the best known names in early German Amiga and C64-generation music,
with musical projects released since 1986, Chris Hülsbeck is renowned for
his videogame-music, with his most renowned titles being »Star Wars Rouge Squadron«-Serie,
»Turrican«, »Tunnel B1«, »Apidya« and »The Great Giana Sisters«.
In 2008 his work was featured on »Symphonic Shades«, a realisation of his music
for national Germann radiostation WDR, as a feature-length concert and last year, he was awarded the
American »Game Audio Network Guild« award.
His current work includes »The War of the Worlds« by paramaount and »Star Trek –  Infinite Space« for Gameforge.

Satuday 19:30






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