Seminars at Evoke 2008

Sat, 14:00

“Larrabee Q&A”

by Jerome Muffat-Meridol, Senior Application Engineer at Intel.

Larrabee is the code name for Intel’s upcoming discrete graphics card, but you knew that already… It is a GPU built on a general purpose x86 architecture which, in effect, enables an application to take over the graphics pipeline totally, if that’s what it needs. In this session, we will look at what has been made public already and discuss how this is indeed possible and what new possibilities it creates. This is intended to be very interactive, so as to answer your questions (well, those that can be answered) and share ideas.

Sat, 16:00

“Why Demoscener should spread their work under Creative Commons!”

Have you ever thought about copyright? Who and how can people adopt your work? Do you allow them to copy and see your work? How do they know, they can play your demoscene music in their podcast? How do they know, that they can spread your art for free? Have you ever heard about the fabulous Creative Commons Movement and its simple but effective licences? It costs nothing, helps you and your audience and even remixer to use your work.

This panel is about the future of copyrights, the why and how to spread your work. Together with Moritz "mo." Sauer from [Phlow Magazine free music magazine], Marco Medkour from Netlabel and journalist and long-time-demoscener Lars "Ghandy" Sobiraj from Evoke opens a window for the future of copyrights and distribution on the web.

The panel will be in english or german. That depends on the people in the audience :)

Sun, 11:00

“A multicore tasking engine in some 500 lines of C”

by Jerome Muffat-Meridol, Senior Application Engineer at Intel.

Last year, Jérôme presented about Threading Building Blocks, showing how to partition work, reduce synchronization issues and make your code scale as you run it on processors with more cores. This year, he returns with an implementation that is suitable for inclusion in a 64K. This session will show how very simple mechanisms make it possible to efficiently spread work over all physical threads while keeping latency at a minimum and still have a minimal footprint on the code size.

A short biography of Jerome Muffat-Meridol
Jerome Muffat-Meridol has been writing software for the past twenty years with
a focus on applications with a graphic side to them. Before joining Intel, he
wrote deepViewer a photo browser built on a very innovative point & zoom
interface, applying the know-how gained in ten years of video games
development: he previously was Technical Director at Bits Studios, a London
based studio specialised in console games.

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